2022 Fall DSR Newsletter: Books & Articles


Publications from June to November 2022, including books and articles, as well as podcasts and coverage of faculty research.


Books (alphabetical by author)

Cover of book, Christianity & the Environment, co-edited by Alexander Hampton

Alexander Hampton’s co-edited volume, The Cambridge Companion to Christianity and the Environment, was published in August 2022, and his article, “Pandemic and the Nature-Alienated Self,” was selected for the cover of the Religions journal. Update: See also this October 2022 feature article from Arts & Science News, "Does religion have a role to play in addressing the current climate crisis?"

Cover of book, Religious Authority in South Asia, co-edited by Srilata Raman

Co-edited by Srilata RamanReligious Authority in South Asia: Generating the Guru, which focuses on genealogies of religious authority in South Asia, has been published by Routledge. 

Cover, The Formation of the Classical Tafsir Tradition, by Walid Saleh (Arabic edition)

The Formation of the Classical Tafsir Tradition, by Walid Saleh, has been published in an Arabic edition.

Cover of book, Cult of the Dead, by Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith's book for the general reader, Cult of the Dead: A Brief History of Christianity, was published in November by the University of California Press. It received an excellent review from historian and scholar of early Christianity Paula Fredriksen in The Times Literary SupplementP as well as an enthusiastic review in the National Catholic Reporter

Articles, Reviews, Sound (alphabetical by author/lead)

Christoph Emmrich's review article, “Unfinished Business and Reinventing the New. A review article of Peter Flügel's and Kornelius Krümpelmann's edition of Johannes Klatt's Jaina-Onomasticon,” (paywall) was published in Indo-Iranian Journal 65 (2022): 249-266. 

Amanda Goodman published “The Vajragarbha Bodhisattva Three-Syllable Visualization: A Chinese Buddhist Sādhana Text from Tenth Century Dunhuang” in BuddhistRoad Paper 2.5, in the Practices and Rituals category.

The Dawn Chorus project created by Alex Hampton on preserving the pandemic soundscape was the subject of an edition of CBC Radio’s Tapestry and an accompanying feature article.

MA student Jade Hui guested on a Discourse! podcast episode from The Religious Studies Project, “Authorities and the Past,” in a discussion covering religious freedom, tradition, and authority.

Affiliate faculty Ann Jervis published "Christ Doesn’t Fit: Paul Replaces His Two Age Inheritance with Christ" in Interpretation, Vol 76, Issue 4.

Postdoctoral Fellow Maxwell Kennel's article, "Violent Displacements: On Grace Jantzen’s Death and the Displacement of Beauty" appeared in Angelaki 27.6.

Pamela Klassen's co-organized conference on on how institutions and indigenous communities can better work together is the subject of this press article, “Museums, communities and universities gather at Manitou Mounds.” 

Behind the Glass: The Villa Tugendhat and Its Family, the latest book by Michael Lambek, affiliate DSR faculty, was published by University of Toronto Press.

Sessional lecturer Eleanor Pontoriero’s "Teachings of the People: Environmental Justice, Religion, and the Global South" appeared in Buddhist-Christian Studies 42 (1):85-103. 

The Hindu newspaper profiled Srilata Raman in its article "Allow the young to think criticallyP," in which she discusses her approach to researching and writing about religion. 

PhD candidate Rebecca Runesson’s collaboration with Anders Rundesson, Judaism for Gentiles: Reading Paul beyond the Parting of the Way Paradigm, has been published by  Mohr Siebeck 

PhD candidate Rachelle Saruya published "Ritual and Play in Buddhist Nun-Making: Girlhood, Nunhood, and the Shaping of the 'Little Teacher' in Today's Myanmar" in the Journal of Burma Studies.

For The Global Blasphemer project, J. Barton Scott and PhD students Alif Shahed and Ridhima Sharma created a 'Global Blasphemer Sing-Along' playlist, curating some of their favourite blasphemous tunes as the department headed into the start of the 2022-203 school year. 

In November, Jeremy Schipper's co-authored article "Hide the Outcasts: Isaiah 16:3-4 and Fugitive Slave Laws" was published by Harvard Theological Review 115 (2022): 519-37. Earlier, Schipper's most recent book received an excellent review in The Guardian: "Denmark Vesey’s Bible: searing history with lessons for a troubled America." 

Postdoctoral fellow Ari Schriber published a review in the International Journal of Middle East Studies of “Recasting Islamic Law: Religion and the Nation State in Egyptian Constitution Making” (Rachel M. Scott, Cornell University Press, 2021). 

Young Hasidic men black and white photo
Launched in November 2022, "Heretic in the House" is a limited podcast series in collaboration with the Hartman Institute, in which Naomi Seidman tells the hidden stories of believers and heretics as they grapple with Jewish identity, religion in the public square, and pluralism. → Listen

PhD student Ridhima Sharma co-authored “Why Canada? Academic (Im)mobilities and the Making of a Friendship,” published by American Anthropologist as part of its two-part online series, “Call for Complaint.” Her essay, Recovery Is Not Retrieval,” asking whether a return to a far-from-healthy past can be considered recovery, was published in Economic & Political Weekly.P Ridhima also had her piece, "'Merit', 'Choice’, and the Pandemic: Reflections from an Indian Private Liberal Arts University,” published in Pandemic of Perspectives: Creative Re-Imaginings (Routledge, 2022).  

The University of California Press Blog published Kyle Smith's piece, “The Deep History Lurking Behind Halloween,” a whirlwind trip through the three-day festival of Allhallowtide.

MA student Albert Yang’s book review of “Taoism, Teaching, and Learning: A Nature-Based Approach to Education” appeared in the latest issue of Religious Studies Review.

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