Latest Honours, Awards & Appointments


From June 2022 onwards, contributions to the academy and the community: faculty and student achievements including fellowships, grants, awards, fellowships, defences and appointments. 


November 2022

J. Barton Scott

J. Barton Scott was awarded a 12-month Jackman Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship for 2023-2024 for his project “The Piercing Virtue: Isherwood’s Guru in Adorno’s Los Angeles."

Professor Kamari Clarke

Affiliate faculty member Kamari Clarke was also awarded a 12-month Jackman Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship for 2023-2024 for her project “The Elusive Work of Visibility: Toward a Theory of Absence."

October 2022

Suleyman DostKaren RuffletWalid SalehSeyfeddin Kara

Suleyman Dost, Karen Ruffle, Walid Saleh and postdoctoral fellow Seyfeddin Kara have been awarded an SSHRC Connections Grant for the conference “Re-evaluating Methodological Trajectories in the Academic Study of Islam” that will take place at the DSR in April 2023.

August 2022

August saw five final oral defence exams. Our freshly minted PhDs are:

  • Dr. Brigidda Bell • "Signs of the Spirit(s): Credibility and the Discernment of Truth in Christian Prophets and other Ritual Experts of the Roman Empire" • Examination committee: John Kloppenborg and Colleen Shantz (co-supervisors), John Marshall (committee member), Harry Maier (external examiner) and Marsha Hewitt (internal reader).
  • Dr. Kalpesh Bhatt • "The Internal Turn: Rethinking Autonomy through the Swaminarayan Hindu Tradition" • Examination committee: Srilata Raman (supervisor), Simon Coleman, Ajay Rao, Francis Clooney (committee members), Tulasi Srinivas (external examiner) and Reid Locklin (internal reader).
  • Dr. Amin Mansouri • "Azīz-i Nasafī (fl. 7th/13th c.), Hierarchies, and Islamic Cosmopolitanism” • Examination committee: Shafique Virani (supervisor), Walid Saleh, Maria Subtelny (committee members), Matthew Melvin-Koushki (external examiner) and Arafat Razzaque (internal reader).
  • Dr. Ariel Peckel • "Irreligious Naturalism in Hume, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein" • Examination committee: James DiCenso (supervisor), Sol Goldberg and Bob Gibbs (committee members), Willem Lemmens (external examiner) and Michael Rosenthal (internal reader).
  • Dr. Suzanne van Geuns • "Seductive Methods: Sexual Success in the Computational Imagination" • Examination committee: Pamela Klassen (supervisor), Simon Coleman, J. Barton Scott (committee members), John Modern (external examiner) and Patrick Keilty (internal reader).

Ajay Rao

Ajay Rao, with collaborator Jill Caskey (UTM Visual Studies), has been awarded a Connaught Global Challenge/Connaught Global Research Impact Program award for a project on “The Global Past”. The initiative asks what humanistic research should look like in the post-pandemic world, seeking answers by developing a new model of post-disciplinary knowledge production that promotes equity in the present by exploring the diversity of the past.

Marsha Hewitt

Marsha Hewitt was announced as Acting Dean of the Faculty of Divinity of Trinity College for the 2022-2023 academic year.

June & July 2022

Nada Moumtaz

Nada Moumtaz has secured an SSHRC Insight grant for her project, ““Beirut Is Not For Sale”: Urban Regulations and the Fight for the City,” which brings new approaches to a key contemporary societal challenge, that of ensuring the existence of affordable and just cities in the context of a global wave of gentrification.

Judith Ellen Brunton completed a successful final oral exam defence on June 29 of her dissertation, "Pandemonium of Hope: Oil, Aspiration, and the Good Life in Alberta.” The examination committee consisted of: Pamela Klassen (supervisor), Simon Coleman, Kevin O'Neill, Bart Scott (committee members), David Walker (external examiner) and Steve Penfold (internal reader). Congratulations, Dr. Brunton!

PhD candidates Janani Mandayam Comar, Edward Escalon Jr and Christina Pasqua are recipients of the DSR Graduate Student Award. These awards acknowledge the incredible work that students do to support the life of our department.

PhD candidate Annie Heckman has joined the 84000 Translating the Words of the Buddha team as an Associate Translator.