Roads from the DSR


Alumni from the Department for the Study of Religion have gone on to rewarding careers in Canada, the U.S. and around the world. They work as professors, journalists, teachers, financial analysts, business owners and lawyers. Meet some of our alumni, and learn more about opportunties and careers in this rewarding discipline.

Audrey Rochette.Audrey Rochette (BA, 2020) talks about her work decolonizing spaces and dispelling stereotypes through her professional platforms. “I encourage students to take courses. Unpack your own understanding of Indigenous peoples and their continued resistance, resilience and commitment to challenging the misrepresentation of historical and contemporary narratives.”  

Q&A with Audrey Rochette

Amir Hussain.Amir Hussain (PhD, 2001) discusses his approach to teaching religion studies. “You try to be relevant and understand what they’re into. I ask them what they’re listening to, and they tell me ‘I like old school rock and roll, like Nirvana and Pearl Jam’, and I’m like, ‘that’s old school to you?’”

Q&A with Dr. Amir Hussain


Shari GolbergShari Golberg (PhD, 2013) talks about the work she does, building bridges. "The idea was to take two communities who were often regarded as being at odds with one another and to provide an opportunity to examine the shared history, shared narrative, shared language, shared practices, shared experience of being marginalized, and of violence at different points of history."

Q&A with Dr. Shari Golberg