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Publications from December 2023 onwards, including books, articles and blog pieces – with videos and podcasts in the mix, as well as coverage of faculty research. For previous entries, see the DSR Newsletter.

June 2024

PhD candidate Julie Sharff's piece, “Yiddish Women’s Fiction,” an entry in Oxford Bibliographies Online, was published in May.

Rory Lindsay’s keynote presentation, “Holding Community: The Social Impact of Tibetan Literary Archives in Canada & the USA,” is now available to watch on YouTube. It was recorded as part of the event hosted at U of T’s East Asian Library to celebrate the ten-year partnership for the Tibetan Studies Collection and Development between U of T Libraries and Columbia University Libraries. 

May 2024

Ronald Charles guested on CBC Radio One’s Here and Now program, to talk about the “Black Classicists in North America” photo exhibition at U of T, of which he is co-curator. >> Listen

Affiliate faculty member Michael Rosenthal's paper “Spinoza on the Distinction Between True and False Prophecy” appeared in God’s Own Mouthpieces: Prophecy and Reason in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, ed. Heiko Shultz, Mohr Siebeck Verlag, 2024, 135-150. 

April 2024

Naomi Seidman's book, Translating the Jewish Freud: Psychoanalysis in Hebrew and Yiddish, is published by Stanford University Press in June 2024.

Two publications from J. Barton Scott: His essay, “The surprising history of global blasphemy law,” appeared on The Immanent Frame website, and his article, "Heterodoxies of the Body: Death, Secularism, and the Corpse of Raja Rammohun Roy,” was published in the journal Comparative Studies in Society and History

PhD candidate Katarina Pejovic's review of Everyday Magicians: Legal Records and Magic Manuscripts from Tudor England (Sharon Hubbs Wright & Frank Klaassen, Penn State University Press) appeared on the Reading Religion website.

Ruth Marshall commented for the Toronto Star (paywall) on how some people believe April's total solar eclipse is a sign of the coming apocalypse. 

Affiliate faculty member Mohammad Fadel of U of T’s Faculty of Law, recently guested on MEMO (Middle East Monitor), discussing “Genocide, the law and speaking out.”  

DSR alumni Khenpo Kunga Sherab (PhD 2023) and Matthew W. King (PhD 2014) celebrated the publication by Simon & Schuster of their translation of the first volume of 17th-century historian Ameshab Ngakwang Kunga Sonam’s Amazing Treasury of the Sakya Lineage.  

March 2024

The Tibetan Studies collection partnership between University of Toronto Libraries and Columbia University Libraries is the focus of this recent article by Hana Kim, Director of U of T’s East Asian Library, “Cross-Border Collaboration: A Decade of Advancing Tibetan Studies.” 

PhD candidate Nick Field co-authored a summary of the recent “’A Blank Space of Delightful Mystery’?: A Workshop on Cartographic Absences,” that took place under the auspices of the Jackman Humanities Institute’s 2023-24 annual theme of “Absence.” Maps present, persuade, and sometimes lie.  

An article by Frances Garrett, "Like Rocks and Mountains: A Contemplative Science Program under Threat," appeared in the Journal of Contemplative Studies.

Shafique Virani's Persian language book, Dar justujūy-i rastagārī: Ismāʿīliyān pas az ḥamlah-yi Mughal, 2nd ed, was published by Amīr-Kabīṛ (Tihrān, 1402 HS/[2023 CE]).

Srilata Raman is the subject of “Dalit Vedanta: Religious Assertion in Colonial South India,” a video published by the Jackman Humanities Institute. She discusses the opportunity afforded her by the award of a 2022-23 Faculty Research Fellowship to support the exploration of certain obscure and marginalized figures who preached or composed religious works critical of caste and who advocated for a monistic form of Shaivism.

The Theology Mill podcast, produced by Wipf and Stock Publishers, interviewed affiliate faculty member Ann Jervis about her recent book, Paul and Time: Life in the Temporality of Christ.

PhD candidate Katarina Pejovic's article, “Theurgy, Paredroi, and Embodied Power in Neoplatonism and Late Antique Celestial Hierarchies,” was published in the journal Religions for its special issue on “The Platonic Tradition, Nature Spirituality and the Environment.” 

DSR Visiting Scholar and PhD alumnus (2014) Bryan Levman who has three recent publications to celebrate: 

  • 2023a. “Dravidian Buddhism.” Buddhist Studies Review. Vol. 40 no. 1: 59–114.
  • 2023b. Dravidian Towns in the Mahāvastu and Milindapañha: A Demographic Study. International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics. Thiruvananthapuram: International School of Dravidian Linguistics. 
  • 2023c. “Descent with Variation.” Journal of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies. Vol. 23: 1–40.

February 2024

Shafique Virani co-authored the article, “Love and the Brethren of Purity: A Comparative Study of Human Intimacy in Islamic Philosophy,” published in Journal of Sufi Studies 11, no. 2 (2022): 149-180. 

DSR Chair Pamela Klassen's co-authored article, "The Serpent Mound of the Ohio Valley," which takes a close look at Harvard University's complext relationship to an ancient indigenous monument, was published in Epicenter, the institution's resarch and ideas blog.

PhD student Grace Feeney's paper "A Levinasian Critique of Feminist Theories of Vulnerability" appeared in in Perspectives: University College Dublin Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy, in its special issue on Race, Gender and Identity. 

PhD alumnus (2022) Usmon Boron’s article, ““And I Believe in Signs”: Soviet Secularity and Islamic Tradition in Kyrgyzstan,” was published online in Comparative Studies in Society and History 2024: 1-27.  

January 2024

A profile of affiliate faculty member and Jackman Humanities Institute Faculty Fellow Kamari Clarke was published in the JHI's Circle of Fellows Spotlight series

January brought news of two publications from PhD student Christina Gousopoulos

Alexander Hampton's article, "Romanticism and System in Coleridge and Schlegel," was published in Symphilosophie, International Journal of Philosophical Romanticism, the online journal for new academic research on German Romantic Philosophy.

December 2023

CBC Kids featured Kevin J. White in its Campfire Stories series, telling the story of “How the Raccoon Got Its Mask.” 

Kyle Smith was the special guest on the Biblical Time Machine podcast, in the December 18 episode, “A Cultural History of Christmas.” 

J. Barton Scott, a 2023-24 JHI Faculty Research Fellow, is featured in the Circle of Fellows Spotlight, where you can read all about his project, The Piercing Virtue: Isherwood’s Guru in Adorno’s Los Angeles

Affiliate DSR faculty member Kamari Clarke’s work as principal investigator on the Early Warning, Early Response project was profiled in an A&S News article, which examines the program that empowers Nigerians to defend their communities