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2023 Summer St. George Campus Course Descriptions

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All courses for Summer 2023 will be offered online.

RLG100H1F World Religions

David Perley

Term: F (May to June)

Description: An introduction to the history, philosophy, and practice of the major religions of the world, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

RLG312H1F Gender, Body and Sexuality in Islam

Parnia Vafaeikia

Term: F (May to June)

Description: This course focuses on constructions of sexuality, gender, and embodiment in Islamic texts and contexts across time and space. Drawing from historical texts, ethnographic research, and feminist and queer theory, we will examine how norms of gender and sexuality are constructed and contested through practices such as marriage and divorce, dress, and inheritance. Students will strengthen their literacy on global gender issues, historicize religious ideas on gender, and analyze the role of culture, legal and religious texts in shaping norms and experiences of gender, sexuality, and embodiment.

RLG232H1S Religion and Film

David Perley

Term: S (July to August)

Description: The role of film as a mediator of thought and experience concerning religious worldviews. The ways in which movies relate to humanity's quest to understand itself and its place in the universe are considered in this regard, along with the challenge which modernity presents to this task. Of central concern is the capacity of film to address religious issues through visual symbolic forms.

RLG386H1S Devotional Literature of Early Modern India

Austin Simoes-Gomes

Term: S (July to August)

Description: This class is an introduction to the devotional literature of early modern India (c. 1500-1800), but more importantly, it is about thinking critically and developing skills in close reading of texts. We will be learning about the historical, religious, and social contexts of various literary traditions in Brajbhasha. We will focus particularly on the Sikh traditions, using their texts that emerge during this period as case studies through which to investigate larger questions and issues surrounding this period.

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