Religion Undergraduate Student Association

Welcome to RUSA!

The Religion Undergraduate Student Association aims to create a community for all undergraduates with an interest in the study of religion. In addition to advocating on behalf of students to the department, RUSA provides a collaborative space for students through events such as socials, academic and career seminars, as well as a mentorship program, where students are able to find one another along their academic journeys. This is a welcoming place for DSR undergraduates to hang out over great food and connect with your peers in religion.

The best way to stay informed about RUSA events and initiatives, potential opportunities for Religion undergraduate students, and to contact RUSA with any questions or concerns is to join the RUSA Discord, follow us on Instagram, and/or on Facebook. You can also e-mail us at

RUSA Executive 2023-2024

Kayla Klanreungsang, RUSA President

Hey everyone! I'm Kayla and I'm going into my fourth year of a Religion Specialist with a minor in German Studies. I've been a part of RUSA since my second year, and I'm super excited to serve as RUSA's President this year. My interests include language studies and the intersection of religion and politics. I hope everyone's summer went well and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone this year at different RUSA and department events!


Swamini Sagar, Director of Internal Affairs

Hi! I'm Swamini, and I'm in my third year of a double major in Religion and Philosophy, and a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. I've been a part of RUSA since my first year, and I will continue to serve as RUSA's Director of Internal Affairs! I'm particularly interested in South Asian Philosophy, Ethics, and Medieval Philosophy. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone this year at our RUSA and the DSR's events!

Aneri Patel, Director of External Affairs

Hi, everyone! I'm Aneri, and I serve as the Director of External Affairs at RUSA. Currently, I'm a second-year student pursuing a double major in Religion and Philosophy. My academic interests primarly revolve around the intersection of religion and law. I'm also interested in theoretical astrophysics and how it intertwines with religious cosmic theories. Other than that, I like painting, crafting, experimenting in the kitchen, exploring new hiking trails, and watching sunsets at beaches!

Trent Atkinson, Treasurer

I'm Trent, a fourth year double major in Religion and Transnational and Diaspora Studies here at UofT. Having served on RUSA as the Treasurer for the past two years, I look forward to finishing out my time at UofT bettering the student experience. Within the Department for the Study of Religion, my interests revolve around horror, gender and sexuality, and religion, and I hope to continue this work into graduate school. Outside of class, you can most often find me at Graham Library reading a book, usuaally Joan Didion.
Eshana Anand, Communications Director Hi! I'm Eshana and I run the social media as the Director of Communications! I'm in my fourth year doing a specialist in Religion. I love learning about scripture, and the beliefs that originate from these texts, especially early gospels and gnostic writings! Aside from religion, I love vintage fashion, baking, physics, and classical music. I'm so excited to be a part of RUSA again and hope to meet everyone at upcoming RUSA events.

Bianca Quilliam, Mental Health Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Bianca and I am a third year Religion Specialist. I am really looking forward to being a part of RUSA this year as the Mental Health Coordinator! You may have already seen our first Wellness Wednesday posts over on Instagram, but I hope to introduce more fun ways of incorporating wellbeing and mindfulness into our undergrad community. I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming months!

Tristan Gosselin, Second-Year Representative

Hi! My name is Tristan. I am in my second year of a Religion Specialist. My concentration is in Indigenous religions, Christianity, and the interactions between these traditions historically and into the contemporary period. My academic interest is in Indigenous linguistic and cultural revitalisation, and my research this year focuses on the implementation of Indigenous epistemologies in post-secondary educational instruction.