Alumni & Friends

Message from the chair of the DSR Alumni Committee, Srilata Raman:

The DSR has seen a long line of graduate students obtain their doctorates and move on to successful, professional careers both in religion and in other fields. As chair of the brand new DSR Alumni Committee, I am personally very excited about what such a committee can do for the current cohort of graduate students, and the department in general. We want to create an institutional practice by which we connect alumni with graduate students to show them what a future after life at the DSR is like, and to encourage them to see their way forward. We also want to show DSRĀ alumni that we remember them, we appreciate them and we would like to see them remainĀ involved and connected to the DSR, and the University of Toronto. The Committee is all about building institutional memory, supporting our students and celebrating our alumni - and all of this also in person and in a convivial atmosphere once we can.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact professor Raman.