About Us

Welcome to the Department for the Study of Religion!

The Department for the Study of Religion is home to one of the largest and most diverse undergraduate and graduate religion programs in the world.  Faculty is made up of sociologists and anthropologists of religion, historians, philosophers and psychologists, and they offer an intellectually stimulating environment in which to explore how religions have grown and developed, how they have been understood and how we can think about them in our pluralistic society. Religion is an essential aspect of human life, and how it intersects with social issues, ethics, philosophical questions and personal psychological considerations are at the forefront of DSR research. The department is highly regarded internationally for a range of strengths, especially:

We also offer unique language courses in SanskritPāli, and Tibetan

Our graduate programs are interdisciplinary and cluster around eight major fields of study. Entry is competitive, and doctoral funding is guaranteed through the University of Toronto.

Religion at the University of Toronto is taught in three distinct contexts: at the UTSG (the downtown campus), where both undergraduate and graduate units are located; in the Department of Historical Studies at UTM, responsible for undergraduate teaching; and in the Department of Humanities at UTSC, with a religion undergraduate minor program. For the past 30 years, the Department for the Study of Religion (DSR) has fostered scholarly excellence and innovation among faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences at U of T’s three campuses.

Our location in Toronto, one of the most religiously diverse cities in the world, is an important resource and responsibility. The department facilitates intellectually informed and publicly-minded conversations on religion in the public sphere through research, university networks, public events, and student engagement.

Please contact Associate Chair and Undergraduate Coordinator, Simon Coleman at simon.coleman@utoronto.ca as well as Undergraduate Program Assistant, Phoebe To at religion.undergrad@utoronto.ca, with any questions you may have about the Department for the Study of Religion.