Graduate Student Association


All graduate students of the Department are members of the Graduate Student Association, a self-governing organization that provides academic, social, and counselling services. The Student Association provides an essential linking mechanism for students to engage intellectually and socially outside of the more formal arrangements of the graduate program. In recent years, students have sponsored an annual Spring Symposium, published an annual volume of papers, and organized roundtable discussions. The Student Association is also instrumental in assisting Department students in regards to conference activities, providing guidance on the preparation of papers, and in the organizing of sessions for learned society meetings in Canada and the United States. The Association also organizes social events, pub nights, and sporting events.

Please contact the GSA  by email:

Mission Statement

a) To serve the interests of the graduate students of the Department for the  Study of Religion (hereafter DSR);

b) To seek and maintain fair representation for graduate students in the administration and decision-making of the DSR, particularly with regard to those matters directly impacting graduate students;

c) To be a liaison between faculty of the department and students to ensure that students are informed of departmental policies;

d) To provide representation to CUPE 3902 and the GSU on behalf of the  students of the DSR;

e) To ensure funding for the DSR GSA, including any and all potential grants  available to student organizations of the same size;

f) To participate in the orientation of new students, to coordinate social and academic functions, and to build the overall student community of the DSR.



The Student Association executive includes the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Social Co-ordinator
  • Academic Co-ordinator
  • Graduate Student Union (GSU) Representative
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3902 Representative (Shop Steward)
  • M.A. Representative and Members-at-Large.

Your 2023/2024 Executives are:

  • President: Vivek Shah
  • Vice President: Ankita Choudhary
  • Treasurer: Nicholas Sarian
  • Graduate Student Union and CUPE 3902 rep: Rachel Al Rubai

All students are also members of the Graduate Students Union (GSU) of the University of Toronto.