Enrol in a Program in Religion

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Professors in the Department for the Study of Religion are happy to answer your questions about enroling in the DSR. Please contact Simon Coleman at  simon.coleman@utoronto.ca or Marilyn Colaço at marilyn.colaco@utoronto.ca

Step 1

Look up your desired program in the Arts & Science Calendar's religion section.

  • Review the full program details.
  • Note the code for the program you want.

Step 2

Log on to ACORN

  1. Select Academics — Enrol & Manage — Program.
  2. Select “Add a Program.”
  3. Enter the program code.
  4. Confirm your enrolment.
  5. Once you are enrolled in the program, check your status to make sure it says “ACTIVE - You are enrolled in this Program."

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