Join us in learning Sanskrit.

Sanskrit has had a tremendous cultural influence throughout Asia and the world. Studying Sanskrit is a gateway to learning more about the arts, science, and philosophy of South Asia, as well as the religious streams of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Six professors in the department work with the Sanskrit language, offering students an excitingly wide range of supervision.

Courses: Regular Sanskrit language instruction is offered at three levels:

  • Introductory (Year 1)
  • Intermediate (Year 2)
  • Advanced (Year 3)

The introductory course is divided into in two half courses: RLG260 in the Fall semester and RLG263 in the Winter semester. Over the two half courses, you will reach a point at which you can read simple texts in the original language. There are no prerequisites for RLG260. RLG260 is a prerequisite for RLG263.

In the intermediate and advanced courses you will have the opportunity to read a wide range of texts in a workshop atmosphere. Classes meet over the Fall and Winter semesters. Courses are open both to U of T students and others.

Start: September

For information, please contact Libbie Mills (


Intro Sanskrit 1 (RLG260):

PDF icon2018-RLG260-Introductory-Sanskrit-I.pdf


Intro Sanskrit 2 (RLG263):

PDF icon2019-RLG263-Introductory-Sanskrit-II.pdf