Jade / Lake Hui

MA Student

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Queerness even beyond the realms of gender and sexuality:
  • Buddhist Heart Sūtra as pre-digital algorithm
  • 妖 (non-human creatures/monsters/tricksters/collective pursuit of immortality projected onto nature)
  • Tattoos as 風水(fengshui)
  • Virtual Care Utopias and Digital Harm Repair (credits to Indigenous-African guerrilla theorist Neema Githere)
  • Sinophone/Hong Kong studies
  • Resistance against respectability politics, queer art archival
  • Spiritual Emergencies/Psychedelics/New Age Witchcraft/Astrology 
  • Interdimensional being: Nonlinear time, biomythography, critical fabulation, poetry
  • Anime


Jade/Lake (they/he) carries multiple and fragmented lives. They think of themselves as a bridge connecting monstrosities, deviances, nature, and technology together. He wants to preserve things like Cantonese profanities, clear the fox spirit's bad name, learn more about mushroom networks. (By the time you read this, I might have already changed interests. Let's just talk/I'm probably posting what will concern me that moment on Instagram stories anyways).