New Publication: Christ's Associations

October 18, 2019 by DSR Communications

Congratulations to Prof. John Kloppenborg, chair of the Department for the Study of Religion, who has published a new volume on early Christ groups in the ancient world.

The book examines the social groups that formed around the figure of Christ, viewed against the backdrop of other voluntary associations in the Mediterranean. How large was membership, and what were the ground rules? How were finances governed? What was the relationship between practices and beliefs?

The cover of the book features a fresco photographed by Kloppenborg in the Hypogeum of the Aurelii, a system of underground chambers in Rome predating the adoption of Christianity. The Hypogeum's frescoes include both pagan and Christian images, depictions of societal groups, and scenes from both funerals and daily life.

Christ's Associations is available for purchase from Yale University Press.