DSR Students Win Buddhist Studies Fellowships in Japan

August 28, 2019 by Religion Admin

Congratulations to DSR students Alexander O’Neill and Tony Scott, who have been awarded Buddhist Studies Fellowships from the Bukkyō Dendō Kyokai (Society for the Promotion of Buddhism) in Japan.

Tony has received the Bukkyō Dendō Kyokai Fellowship for Foreign Scholars, and Alexander has received the Bukkyō Dendō Kyokai Canada Graduate Scholarship. The fellowships are both for one year. Tony will be at the University of Tokyo, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, under the guidance of Professors Norihisa Baba and Ryosuke Kuramoto. Alexander will be at Taishō University at the Institute for the Comprehensive Studies of Buddhism under the supervision of Professor Ryūgen Tanemura.

The photo above is a picture of Alexander and Tony in Koyosan, Japan (outside of Kyoto), preparing to attend a goma fire ceremony. On their placards they have each written a wish that the other would win the award. Happily they were both successful!

Congrats, Alex and Tony!