Congratulations Tinny Nguyen!

July 7, 2020 by Michael Twamley

Earlier this year, in preparation for an external review, the Department for the Study of Religion sent a survey to all undergraduate students currently enrolled in our courses. Feedback from the survey will be used in conjunction with other data and information sources to provide insight and assessment of the Department's Undergraduate and Tri-Campus Graduate programs.

Twenty seven undergraduate students completed the survey providing helpful feedback and comments on their experiences, likes and dislikes, and suggestions for improvements.

An incentive for participating in the survey was the opportunity to be awarded a $100 prize. The recipient of the prize was identified using an online random selection generator tool.

We are pleased to announce that Tinny Nguyen, a 4th year student, is the lucky recipient.

A special thank you to all participants. We look forward to sharing the external review results in the months to come.