Congratulations DSR Researchers

October 15, 2020 by Department for the Study of Religion Staff

A five-year SSHRC Insight Grant has been awarded to the "Practices of Commentary" project, centred at the University of Toronto.

The project seeks to develop a global perspective on practices of commentary, which, for thousands of years, was the dominant form of innovation. The "Practices of Commentary" project grew out of a reading group hosted at the Jackman Humanities Institute, begun in 2017. The principle investigators are Walid Saleh (Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations), Amanda Goodman (Study of Religion), Jeannie Miller (Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations), and Markus Stock (Germanic Languages and Literatures), with the active participation and support of their colleagues Suzanne Akbari (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) and Christina Lechtermann (Goethe Universität Frankfurt).  The group itself has 72 members now, at UofT and abroad.

For more information on the "Practices of Commentary" project, please go here.