Congratulations to the 2020 McNab Scholarship Recipients!

October 10, 2020 by Department for the Study of Religion Staff

Congratulations to Mukti Patel and Connor Kokot for receiving 2020 McNab Scholarships!

Mukti’s deep interest in language brought her to the study of religion. Visiting India over her gap year in 2017, she grew fascinated with rituals, roadside mandirs, and rickshaw murtis. It was that fascination that led her to take classes in the Department for the Study of Religion, where she currently studies South Asian religions and culture broadly, exploring material culture, literature, rituals, philosophy, and history.  

Connor has always had a penchant for reading old books, especially the Bible, and for talking about ideas that range from a religious, philosophical, political or scientific nature.  So it is quite naturally that an eclectic discipline like religious studies has become his academic home. As he dives deeper into the discipline, he finds himself increasingly interested in historical research on the Pauline epistles and the synoptic gospels. Connor feels very fortunate and sincerely thankful to have his academic interests nourished by U of T's amazing faculty and world-class student body.

McNab Scholarships are designated exclusively for students in the Department for the Study of Religion.