God’s Mechanics: How Scientists and Engineers Make Sense of Faith

When and Where

Thursday, September 29, 2022 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Alumni Hall 400
St Michael's College
121 St Joseph Street, Toronto


Br. Guy J. Consolmagno, SJ, Director, Vatican Observatory (“The Pope’s Astronomer”)


Br. Guy J. Consolmagno, SJ

How does religion work in a society shaped by science and technology?

How do scientists and engineers practice their religions?

How in particular does a Jesuit brother, and an MIT graduate with a PhD in planetary science, make sense of his Catholicism?

God‘s Mechanics examines the personal religious life and theology of scientists and engineers based on conversations in California’s Silicon Valley and a first-person confession from a Jesuit scientist and astronomer at the Vatican Observatory.

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University of St. Michael’s College Christianity and Culture Program, Toronto Jesuit History Research Group, Toronto Chapter of the Society of Catholic Scientists, John Templeton Foundation


121 St Joseph Street, Toronto