Discourses on Secularism and Burmese Anti-colonial Subjectivities

When and Where

Friday, October 14, 2022 10:00 am to 12:00 pm


Htet Min Lwin, York University Doctoral Student


The State of Burma/Myanmar promised to be a 'secular' state. And yet, contemporary history of Myanmar is infested with execution of religious minorities, state sponsorship and promotion of Buddhism at the expense of ethnic and religious minorities in the form of Burmanization with the rise of Buddhist nationalism coupled with islamophobia. 

Lwin argues that this is best understood with a critical secular paradigm, they were results of the inherent paradoxes of political secularism, exacerbated by anti and postcolonial subjectivities. 

This event is part of the "Burma Past and Present: Religion, Ethnicity and Power," a series of readings and discussion of works in progress. We will be reading and discussing work in progress with the author. 

Please email hmlwin@yorku.ca to receive a copy of the reading.

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York Centre for Asian Research, York University