Book Launch of Voices Long Silenced: Women Biblical Interpreters through the Centures

When and Where

Friday, March 25, 2022 2:00 pm


Featuring Nyasha Junior (incoming faculty member, July 1)


Panel discussion with Marion Taylor (Wycliffe College), Joy Schroeder (Capital University), Bernon Lee (Saskatoon Theological Union), Cynthia Westfall (McMaster Divinity College), Nyasha Junior (Temple University. incoming U of T Department for the Study of Religion faculty member, July 2022), Stephen Andrews (Wycliffe College).

Hundreds of women studied and interpreted the Bible between the years 100-2000 CE, but their stories have remained largely untold. Voices Long Silenced calls on scholars and religious communities to recognize the contributions of women, past and present, who interpreted Scripture, preached, taught, and exercised a wide variety of ministries in churches and synagogues.

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