The DSR's Spring 2022 Graduates


Celebrating the newest DSR graduates – congratulations to our graduating class of spring 2022


PhD and MA


  • Khalidah Ali — "The Early Muslim Brotherhood: Tarbiyah as the Foundation of Hasan al-Banna’s Project of Islamic Revival and Reform" (Supervisor: Amira Mittermaier, Committee Members: James Reilly, Nada Moumtaz)
  • Zoe Anthony —  "Suffering Time: Nietzsche and the Generativity of Suffering" (Supervisor: James DiCenso, Committee Members: Amy Mullin, Mark Kingwell)
  • Usmon Boron — "In the Shadow of Tradition: Soviet Secularism, Islamic Revival, and Skepticism in Kyrgyzstan" (Supervisor: Amira Mittermaier, Committee Members: Michael Lambek, Nada Moumtaz, Maria Louw)
  • Maria Dasios — "Compound Natures, Cognate Medicines: Material Media and Christian Soul-Direction in Late Antique Anatolia' (Supervisor: Kyle Smith, Committee Members: John Marshall, Simon Coleman)
  • Delbar Khakzad — "Iranian Calendric Modernity" (Supervisors: Amira Mittermaier & Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi, Committee Member: Christoph Emmrich)
  • Adil Mawani — "Devotion in Colonial Islam: Representations of Muḥammad in Urdu Sīra (1842 –1914)" (Supervisors: Walid Saleh & Ayesha Irani, Committee Members: J. Barton Scott, Pasha Khan)
  • Alexander O'Neill — "Pustaka Pūjā: A Study of Sūtra Worship in Mahāyāna Buddhism" (Supervisor: Christoph Emmrich, Committee Members: Michael Nijhawan, Srilata Raman)
  • Jonathan Peterson — "Polemics and Power in Early Modern South Asia,1550-1700" (Supervisor: Ajay Rao, Committee Members: Elisa Freschi, Srilata Raman)
  • Patrick Stange — "Partakers in Paideia: Representations of Literacy in the Epigraphy of Christians in Central Asia Minor" (Supervisor: John Kloppenborg, Committee Members: John Marshall, Andreas Bendlin)


  • Hosam el Din Helal — “Religion & Science: (Neo-)Darwinian Evolution and its Impact on Qurʾānic Exegesis:An Exploration of Theological, Epistemological, and Hermeneutical Shifts in Tafsīrin Light of the Sociopolitical Conditions of Modernist Islamic Thought” (Supervisor: Walid Saleh)

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Specialist in Religion
  • Major in Islamic Studies
    • Romaisa Hameed
    • Aqil Visram
  • Major in Religion
    • Alexandra Biss
    • Lauren Law
    • Emma Paulus
    • Uvina Persaud
    • Megan Sanchez Atsberger
    • Emma Shanahan
    • Rachel Storey
    • Li Swoboda
    • Blake Tempelmann
    • Mingyu Zhang
  • Minor in Religion
    • Tess Alksnis
    • Casey Beins
    • Jason Cheong
    • Gordon De Groot
    • Teagan de Laronde
    • Lora De Meneghi
    • Maksim Duric
    • Osama Fazal
    • Nicole Hradsky
    • Carly Jackson
    • Taylor Kemp
    • Jasmin Khalil
    • Gen Li
    • Desiree Lorinczi-Boutilier
    • Elaine Manoj
    • Joanna Marek
    • Melissa McGrath
    • Syeda Naqvi
    • Melodie Ouellette
    • Janet Park
    • Riley Rodas
    • Rylee Smith
    • Cecilia Walsh

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