Minor Emphasis on Religion, Ethics, and the Public Sphere

Tailor your minor to your interests.

With 8 half-courses and minimal requirements*, here's what you can do.


Introductory Courses

  • Introducing Religion or World Religions (two RLG half-courses at the 100-level) (required)
  • *We recommend RLG101 Introducing Religion: Reason and Religion in the Modern Age for the requirement above
  • RLG230 Religion and Public Life


Courses on Ethics and the Public Sphere

  • RLG308 Religion and the City
  • RLG309 Religion and Human Rights
  • RLG311 Gender, Body, and Sexuality in Asian Traditions
  • RLG312 Gender, Body, and Sexuality in Islam
  • RLG313 Gender, Sexuality, and Religion in the West
  • RLG317 Religious Violence and Nonviolence
  • RLG319 Death, Dying and Afterlife
  • RLG339 Religious Ethics: The Jewish Tradition
  • RLG353 Politics of Charity
  • JPR364 Religion and Politics
  • JPR374 Religion and Power in the Postcolony
  • RLG382 The Taking of Human Life
  • JPR419 Secularism and Religion
  • RLG426 Religion in the Public Sphere
  • RLG428 Religion and Economy
  • JPR458 Postsecular Political Thought
  • JPR459 Fanaticism
  • RLG484 Religion and the Environment


Related Courses

  • RLG200 Study of Religion
  • RLG209 Justifying Religious Belief
  • RLG210 Sociology of Religion
  • RLG235 Religion, Gender, and Sexuality
  • RLG385 Becoming Modern


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*See the Religion Listing in the Arts & Science Calendar for full requirements.