Hinduism and South Asian Religions

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Introductory Courses

  • World Religions or Introducing Religion (RLG100Y, 280Y, or 101HF and 101HS) (required)
  • RLG205 Hinduism or RLG208 Sikhism

Intellectual History

  • RLG311 Gender, Body, and Sexuality in Asian Traditions
  • RLG319 Death, Dying and Afterlife
  • RLG357 Karma and Dharma in Indic Tradition
  • RLG358 Special Topics in Hinduism
  • RLG361 Literatures of Hinduism
  • RLG362 Rama of Ayodhya
  • RLG363 Bhakti Hinduism
  • RLG364 Hinduism and Contemporary Media
  • RLG365 Modern Hinduism
  • RLG366 Hindu Philosophy
  • RLG368 Hindu Ways of Living
  • RLG369 The Mahabharata
  • RLG462 Newar Religion
  • RLG471 Special Topics in Hinduism
  • RLG472 Religion and Aesthetics in South Asia
  • RLG473 Vedanta through the Ages
  • RLG475 Fasting and Feeding in Hindu Traditions
  • RLG476 Caste in Tamil Literature
  • RLG478 Burmese Religions


Related Courses:

  • RLG200 Study of Religion
  • RLG213 Reading Sacred Texts
  • RLG235 Religion, Gender, and Sexuality


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*See the Religion Listing in the Arts and Science Calendar for full requirements.