Congratulations to our fall 2023 graduates and award winners!

November 9, 2023 by Siri Hansen

2023 Graduates and Award Winners Composite

2023 Graduates and Award Winners Composite

2023 Graduates and Award Winners Composite


Celebrating the newest DSR graduates – congratulations to our graduating class of fall 2023!


PhD and MA


  • Michelle Christian – “Enslaved to mammon: Money, economy, and enslavement in ancient Christianity" (Supervisor: Andreas Bendlin)


  • Haroon Alvi  – “‘From Subjective Experience to Self-Discovery: An Examination of Mysticism, Islamic Thought, and Psychoanalysis” (Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt)
  • Farhia Farah – “Unveiling Safe Spaces: Exploring Dynamics and Boundaries in an Online Women’s Only Muslim Community” (Supervisor: Laura Beth Bugg)
  • River Hobel – “Providing a More Radical Date for the Parables of Enoch: An Analysis of Plausible Locations of the Enochic Work” (Supervisor: John Marshall)
  • Sumeet Kumar – “Advayavajra's Mahāmudrā Practice: Exploring the Interplay of Amanasikāra, and Yathābhūtasamādhi within the doctrinal framework of Indo-Tibetan Tantric Buddhism” (Supervisor: Luther Obrock)
  • Robert McConney – “Black tadjah: Hosay as a “dougla” material culture of Trinidad and Tobago” (Supervisor: Karen Ruffle)
  • Mayadevi Murthy – “Discovering the Dravidian Devotional Aesthetic: Rhetoric, Identity, and Religion in Tamil Cinema (1958-1968)” (Supervisor: Srilata Raman)
  • Arjan Sethi – “The martial sentiment in early modern Sikh literature: a comparative study of the Hanūman Nāṭak and the Rām Avtār” (Supervisor: Julie Vig)

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Specialist in Religion
    • Owen Huisman
    • Qike Wang
  • Major in Religion
    • Alanna Carolan
    • Erblin Hysi
    • Alyssa McIeish
    • Rianna Steiner
    • Ammar Tajani
    • Zachary Wilson Jr.
  • Major in Buddhist Studies
    • Moira Banks-Batten
  • Major in Islamic Studies
    • Kayla Matthews
    • Shafaq Irshad
  • Minor in Religion
    • Paige Escoffery-Stewart
    • Noor Gouda
    • Olivia Schutz
    • David Taylor
    • Stefanie Tsui
    • Harold Yoon

Graduate Awards (→ About)

  • Faculty of Arts & Science Doctoral Recruitment Award: Grace Feeney, Sarang Patel, Joy Saade, Edward Scrimgeour
  • H. Albert Ellam Award: Joy Saade
  • Jane Trombley Award: River Hobel, Albert Yang
  • A&S Alumni and Friends Award: Cliel Shdaimah
  • FAST Award: Joy Saade

Undergraduate Awards (→ About)

  • DSR Equity & Justice Awards: Swamini Sagar, Maria Vidal Valdespino
  • University of Toronto Excellence Awards: Charna Perman, Amory Zhao


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