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Publications from June 2022 onwards, including books, articles and blog pieces – with podcasts in the mix, too.


June & July 2022

Jeremy Schipper's latest book received an excellent review in The Guardian: "Denmark Vesey’s Bible: searing history with lessons for a troubled America"

The Dawn Chorus project created by Alex Hampton on preserving the pandemic soundscape was the subject of an edition of CBC Radio’s Tapestry and an accompanying feature article.

PhD candidate Rachelle Saruya published "Ritual and Play in Buddhist Nun-Making: Girlhood, Nunhood, and the Shaping of the 'Little Teacher' in Today's Myanmar" in the Journal of Burma Studies.

MA student Jade Hui guested on a Discourse! podcast episode from The Religious Studies Project, “Authorities and the Past,” in a discussion covering religious freedom, tradition, and authority.