Completed Dissertations

Dissertations by our graduates are available through Theses Canada and the University of Toronto library system. Most PhD Dissertations and Master’s theses completed since 2008 are also available on T-Space.

Graduate Name and Thesis Defence Date Thesis Title & Supervisor Graduate's Current Role (If Known) Graduate's Past Role(s)
Amin Mansouri   
(August 2022)
Azīz-i Nasafī (fl. 7th/13th c.), Hierarchies, and Islamic Cosmopolitanism 
Supervisor: Shafique Virani
Ariel Peckel   
(August 2022)
Irreligious Naturalism in Hume, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein 
Supervisor: James DiCenso
Suzanne van Geuns   
(August 2022)
Seductive Methods: Sexual Success in the Computational Imagination 
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen
Brigidda Bell 
(August 2022)
Signs of the Spirit(s): Credibility and the Discernment of Truth in Christian Prophets and other Ritual Experts of the Roman Empire 
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Kalpesh Bhatt
(August 2022)
The Internal Turn: Rethinking Autonomy through the Swaminarayan Hindu Tradition 
Supervisor: Srilata Raman
Assistant Professor in Asian Religions at the University of Mary Washington  
Judith Ellen Brunton
(June 2022)
Pandemonium of Hope: Oil, Aspiration, and the Good Life in Alberta 
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen
Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University Weatherhead Center, Canada Program  
Zoe Anthony
(January 2022)
Suffering Time: Nietzsche and the Generativity of Suffering
Supervisor: James DiCenso
  Sessional Instructor at University of Toronto
Adil Mawani
(December 2021)
Devotion in Colonial Islam: Representations of Muḥammad in Urdu Sīra (1842 –1914)
Co-supervisors: Walid Saleh and Ayesha Irani
Visiting Assistant Professor, Hamilton College
Maria Dasios
(December 2021)
Compound Natures, Cognate Medicines: Material Media and Christian Soul-Direction in Late Antique Anatolia
Supervisor: Kyle Smith
  Sessional Instructor at University of Toronto
Khalidah Ali
(December 2021)
The Early Muslim Brotherhood: Tarbiyah as the Foundation of Hasan al-Banna’s Project of Islamic Revival and Reform
Supervisor: Amira Mittermaier
Postdoc and Lecturer at University of Toronto  
Usmon Boron
(November 2021)
In the Shadow of Tradition: Soviet Secularism, Islamic Revival, and Skepticism in Kyrgyzstan
Supervisor: Amira Mittermaier
Postdoctoral fellow at UC-Berkeley  
Jonathan Peterson
(November 2021)
Polemics and Power in Early Modern South Asia,1550-1700
Supervisor: Ajay Rao
Postdoctoral fellow and lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies at Stanford University  
Alexander O'Neill
(November 2021)

Pustaka Pūjā: A Study of Sūtra Worship in Mahāyāna Buddhism
Supervisor: Christoph Emmrich

Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at SOAS  
Delbar Khakzad
(November 2021)

Iranian Calendric Modernity
Co-supervisors: Amira Mittermaier and Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi

Postdoctoral fellow in the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University  
Patrick Stange
(November 2021)

Partakers in Paideia: Representations of Literacy in the Epigraphy of Christians in Central Asia Minor
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg

Nika Kuchuk
(September 2021)

Genealogies of Transnational Religion: Translation, Revelation, and Discursive Technologies in Two Female Gurus of Esoteric Vedanta
Supervisor: Srilata Raman

Joud Al Korani
(August 2021)

Dubai Detours:  Being Muslim after the Islamic Revival and Arab Spring
Supervisor: Amira Mittermaier

Assistant Professor, Department of Islam Studies at Radboud University, Netherlands, and in January 2022 will also start a 6-month postdoctoral fellowship at the Orient-Institut in Beirut  
David Belfon
(August 2021)

Jewish Geographies: Spatial Narratives of Orthodox Jewish Leavetakers in Toronto
Supervisor: Simon Coleman

Post-doctoral fellowship at CJS UofT  
Andrew Erlich
(August 2021)

Contextualizing Medicine and its Roles in Seventeenth-Century Tibet
Supervisor: Frances Garrett

Sean Capener 
(July 2021)

The Time That Belongs to God: The Christian Prohibition on Usury in the 12th-13th Centuries and the Making of the Subject of Debt
Supervisor: Ruth Marshall

Henry N.R. Jackman Junior Fellow in the Humanities at the Jackman Humanities Institute  
Joel Richmond
(June 2021)

Al-Ghazālī’s Moral Psychology: From Self-Control to Self-Surrender
Supervisor: Walid Saleh


Brian Carwana
(November 2020)

Evangelicals, the Liberal State, and Canada’s Family Values Debates: The Struggle to Shape Selves
Supervisors: Simon Coleman and Joe Bryant

Executive Director of Encounter World Religions  
Meaghan Weatherdon
(October 2020)

The Rise of Nishiyuu: Walking the Land for Self-Determination
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen 

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of San Diego  

Sara Abdel-Latif
(July 2020)

Gendering Asceticism in Medieval Sufism
Supervisor: Walid Saleh

Assistant Professor, McGill University  

Rony Kozman
(June 2020)
Jewish Studies

Adam's Wisdom and Israel's Law: Natural Law in Early Judaism
Supervisor: Judith Newman

Assistant Professor, Department of Biblical and Religious Studies, Samford University, Birmingham Alabama  

Elizabeth Klaiber-Noble
(June 2020)
Book History and the English Reformation

Book-Burning and the Banning of Books and Authors in England, 1526–1558: A Sixteenth-Century Fire-Library
Supervisor: David Galbraith and Pamela Klassen

Gregory Fewster (December 2019)

Forgers and Critics of the corpus Paulinum: Manuscripts and Critical Scholarship from Ancient Alexandria to the Republic of Letters and Beyond
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Classics, University of Toronto SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Classics, University of Toronto
Nathan Bonney (December 2019)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought

A Figure of Rhetoric: Holiness, Hyperbole, and Embodied Subjectivity in the Later Writings of Emmanuel Levinas
Supervisor: Ruth Marshall

Ian Brown (November 2019)
The Pepaideumenoi and Jesus: Ancient Education and Marginal Intellectuals in Paul’s Corinth and the Gospel of Thomas
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Religious Studies, University of Regina  
Ashoor Yousif (November 2019) Allah’s Caliph and Christ’s Apostle: The Early Abbasid Rulers in Syriac and Syro-Arabic Sources
Supervisor: Amir Harrak

Assistant Professor of Christian History and Director of the MTS Modular Program at Tyndale University

Andrew Tebbut (November 2019) The Divinity of Conscience: Forgiveness, Religion, and the Politics of Secularity in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit
Supervisor: James DiCenso
Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Centre for Philosophy, Religion, and Social Ethics at the Institute for Christian Studies  
Sean Hillman (August 2019)
South Asian Studies; Religion and Medicine; Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought
Religion, Medicine, Bioethics, and the Law in End-of-Life Care: South Asian Religious Adherent Perspectives
Supervisor: Frances Garrett
Clinical Ethicist at the Centre for Clinical Ethics at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa  
Janina Sochaczewski (August 2019)
Religion, Ethics, Modern Thought
Sacred Trauma: Religion, Trauma Transmission, and the Attribution of Meaning in the Age of Totalitarianism
Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt
Marisa Franz (August 2019)
Religion, Culture, Politics
A Gathering of Names: On the Categories and Collections of Siberian Shamanic Materials in Late Imperial Russian Museum, 1880-1910
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen

Clinical Assistant Professor of Museum Studies at New York University

Faculty Fellow in Museum Studies at New York University
Cole Sadler (June 2019) The Aesthetic Versus Aesthetics: Emmanuel Levinas’ Critique of Mediation
Supervisor: David Novak
Tzemah Yoreh (June 2019)
Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity
A Compositional History of Ben Sira in the Context of the Transmission of Instruction Literature in the Ancient Mediterranean
Supervisors: John Kloppenborg and Judith Newman
Leader of the City Congregation for Humanistic Judaism in New York  
Christopher Cornthwaite (May 2019)
Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity
A Goddess in the Caravans and a Saviour in the Hulls: Worship and Migration in Athens, Delos, and Corinth
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Founder of Roostervane and co-founder of Think House  
Nigel Fernando (Jan 2019)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought
Thomas Hobbes: The Kingdom of Darkness and the Critique of the Catholic Tradition
Supervisor: James DiCenso
Faculty at Brescia University College  
Catherine Lemieux (Nov 2018)
Mastering the Body: From Experience to Discourse. Shamanic Healing in Urban Canada
Supervisors: Kevin O'Neill and Gilles Bibeau
French Science Editor and Translator, Ontario Science Centre  
Rami Tanous (Sept 2018)
Ancient Christianity and Early Islam
Negotiating the Nativity in Late Antiquity: The Qur’ān’s Rereading of Mary’s Preparation for the Conception of Jesus
Supervisor: Walid Saleh
Visiting Scholar, Haifa University  
Jessica Radin (July 2018)
Judaism and Islam
Excavating the Imagination: The Arabic Afterlife of Aristotle's Phantasia
Supervisor: Kenneth Green
Adjunct Professor at Ryerson University Assistant Professor, Comparative Liberal Studies, Habib University
Greg Beiles (June 2018)
The Parent-Child Relationship as a Paradigm for Teaching and Learning in Rosenzweig and Levinas
Supervisors: David Novak and Robert Gibbs
Head of School and Principal, The Toronto Heschel School; Director, The Lola Stein Institute  
Shaftolu Gulamadov  (April 2018)
The Hagiography of Nasir-i Khusraw and the Ismailis of Badakhshan
Supervisor: Shafique Virani
Postdoctoral Fellow in Historical Studies at University of Toronto, Mississauga  
Arun Brahmbhatt  (March 2018)
South Asian Studies
Scholastic Publics: Sanskrit Textual Practices in Gujarat, 1800-Present
Supervisor: Ajay Rao
Assistant Professor of South Asian Religions, Department of Religious Studies, St. Lawrence University  
Luiz Felipe Ribeiro (September 2018)
Ancient Christianity and Judaism
"The Wearisome Spectacle of Immortal Sin": an Affect History of the Libidinisation of Desire in Mediterranean Antiquity
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Research Fellow, Ancient Studies Department, Stellenbosch University  
Justin Stein (September 2017)
Religion and Medicine
Hawayo Takata and the Circulatory Development of Reiki in the Twentieth-Century North Pacific
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen
Faculty Member, Asian Studies, Kwantlen Polytechnic University  
Aldea Mulhern (September 2017)
Fit for Food: "Eating Jewishly" and the "Islamic Paradigm" as Emergent Religious Foodways in Toronto
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen
Faculty Member, Philosophy Department, University of California - Fresno  
Jairan Gahan (September 2017)
Red-Light Tehran: Prostitution, Intimately Public Islam, and the Rule of the Sovereign, 1910-1980
Supervisor: Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi
Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta  
T. Paul York (September 2017)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought
Kant's Philosophy of Religion and Climate Change
Supervisor: James DiCenso
Dianna Roberts-Zauderer (August 2017)
Jewish Studies
'The Motive for Metaphor': Metaphor and Imagination in Moses ibn Ezra, Judah Halevi, Moses Maimonides and Shem Tov ibn Falaquera
Supervisor: Jill Ross
Youcef Soufi (April 2017)
Pious Critique: Abū Isḥāq al-Shīrāzī and the 11th Century Practice of Juristic Disputation (Munāẓara)
Supervisor: Anver Emon
Assistant Professor, Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies, University of British Columbia  
Mourad Laabdi (April 2017)
The Other Averroes: Revealed Law and the Craft of Disagreement
Supervisor: Walid Saleh
Instructor, Religion, Carleton University  
Jennifer Bright (January 2017)
Buddhist Studies
Women and Hormones in Tibetan Medical Literature
Supervisor: Frances Garrett
Spiritual and Religious Care Intern at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)   
Sayeh Meisami (December 2016)
A Critical Analysis of Shīʿī Epistemology in Relation to Political Authority in the Works of Mullā Ṣadrā and Ḥamīd al-Dīn Kirmānī
Supervisor: Shafique Virani
Assistant Professor, Philosophy, University of Dayton  
Ian Richards (October 2016)
Hinduism and South Asian Religions
Poles Apart: Anti-Conversion Legislation in Post Independence India
Supervisor: Arti Dhand
Instructor, Religious Studies, King's University College, University of Western Ontario  
Yaniv Feller (September 2016)
Jewish Studies
Dialogical Apologetics: Leo Baeck and the Task of Jewish Philosophy
Supervisor: David Novak
Assistant Professor, Jewish Studies and Religion, Wesleyan University  
Tenzan Eaghll (August 2016)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought
Jean-Luc Nancy and the Deconstruction of Christianity
Supervisor: John Paul Ricco
Lecturer, College of Religions Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand  
Rebecca Bartel (June 2016)
Religion, Culture, and Politics
Card Carrying Christians: Credit, Debt, and Believing in Emerging Colombia
Supervisor: Kevin O'Neill
Assistant Professor in Religious Studies, San Diego State University  
Bonnie de Bruijn (April 2016)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern thought
Julia Kristeva’s ‘Culture of Revolt’ and (Post) Modern Religious Subjectivity
Supervisor: James DiCenso
Writer, Gripped Publishing; Tutor, Quest University Canada  
Nathalie LaCoste (March 2016)
Waters of the Exodus: Jewish Experiences with Water in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt
Supervisor: Judith Newman
Lecturer, Queens College, Memorial University of Newfoundland  
Lindsay Macumber (February 2016)
Understanding, Reconciliation, and Prevention: Rethinking Hannah Arendt’s Representation of the Holocaust as a Theodicy
Supervisor: David Novak
Part-time Instructor, Department of Religious Studies, St. Mary's University Instructor, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
Jade Weimer (December 2015)
Musical Assemblies: How Early Christian Music Functioned as a Rhetorical Topos, a Mechanism of Recruitment, and a Fundamental Marker of an Emerging Christian Identity
Co-supervisors: John Kloppenborg & Collen Shantz
Fellow at St. John’s College, University of Manitoba; Instructor, University of Prince Edward Island  
Amy Marie Fisher (September 2015)
Early Christianity and Judaism
Early Christianity and Judaism Celestial Topography: Mapping the Divine Realms in Antiquity
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Operations Coordinater,
Health Data Coalition
Amy Elizabeth Fisher (September 2015)
Anthropology of Christianity
'This Place Should (Not) Exist’: An Ethnography of Shelter Workers and the In-Between

Supervisor: Pamela Klassen

Social Services Consultant, The Salvation Army in Canada Director of Education, ALPHA Education; Sessional Lecturer, University of Toronto, Scarborough (Arts, Culture, and Media Department)
Sarah Kleeb (August 2015)
Religion, Ethics and Modern Thought
Gustavo Gutiérrez’s Notion of Liberation and the Legacy of Marx’s Ruthless Criticism
Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream | Acting Coordinator, English Language Development Support | Centre for Teaching and Learning  
Usha Khosla (April 2015)
Buddhist Studies
Study of the Tathagatagarbha as True Self and the True Selves of the Brahmanic, Sāṅklorenhya and Jaina Traditions
Supervisor: Christoph Emmrich
Norman Tobias (April 2015)
Judaism & Christianity
Jules Isaac and the Roman Catholic Church: Advocate for Scriptural Truth
Supervisor: David Novak
Tobias Tax Professional Corporation  
Syed Adnan Hussain (April 2015)
Islam and South Asian Studies
Negotiating Pakistan: A Genealogy of a Post-colonial Islamic State
Supervisor: Mohammad Fadel
Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Department of Religious Studies, Saint Mary's University  
Callie Callon (October 2014)
Physiognomy as a Strategy of Persuasion in Early Christian Discourse
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Adjunct Instructor, Religious Studies, Queen's University at Kingston and Toronto School of Theology  
Erin Vearncombe(September 2014)
What Would Jesus Wear? Dress in the Synoptic Gospels
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Writing Integrated Teaching (WIT) at the University of Toronto  
Ryan Stoner (September 2014)
A Sacrifice of Time: Work, Worship and the Experience of Sabbath in Ancient Judaism
Supervisor: Hindy Najman
Medical Student, Oregon Health and Science University  
David Kaden (September 2014)
Law and Power: Matthew, Paul, and the Anthropology of Law
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Senior Minister, First Congregational Church of Ithaca, New York  
Matthew William King (June 2014)
Buddhist Studies
Writing True Places in the Twilight of Empire and the Dawn of Revolution: The Buddhist Historiography of the Mongol Zawa Damdin Luwsandamdin (1867-1937)
Supervisor: Frances Garrett
Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, University of California-Riverside  
Simon Appolloni (April 2014)
Convergent Knowing: Explorations of a Sustained – and ‘Sustainable’ – Theological Reflection on Science, Environment and Liberation
Supervisor: Stephen Scharper
Assistant Professor, School of the Environment, University of Toronto, and  Associate Publishing Director at Novalis Publishing  
Ronald Charles (February 2014)
Paul and Diaspora Politics
Supervisors: John Marshall and Terry Donaldson
Associate Professor, Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto  
Bryan Levman (January 2014)
Buddhist Studies
Linguistic Ambiguities, the Transmissional Process, and the Earliest Recoverable Language of Buddhism
Supervisor: Christoph Emmrich
Visiting Scholar, Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto  
Shari Golberg (September 2013)
Judaism and Islam
When Beruriah Met Aisha: Textual Intersections and Interactions among Jewish and Muslim Women Engaged with Religious Law
Supervisor: Robert Gibbs
Team Lead, Ontario Provincial Government. Legislative and regulatory policy for skilled trades and apprenticeship; anti-racism/equity   
Jodie Boyer (September 2013)
Sin and Sanity in Nineteenth-Century America
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen
Pastor, Erb Street Mennonite
Church; Adjunct Professor,
North Park Theological Seminary
Timothy Michael James Langille (September 2013)
Reshaping the Persistent Past: A Study of Collective Trauma and Memory in Second Temple Judaism
Supervisor: Hindy Najman
Lecturer, Religious Studies, Arizona State University  
Rick Kenneth Last (September 2013)
Money, Meals and Honour: The Economic and Honorific Organization of the Corinthian Ekklesia
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Assistant Professor in the Ancient Greek and Roman Studies program at Trent University  
Smita Kothari (September 2013)
Hinduism and South Asian Studies
Dana and Dhyana in Jaina Yoga: A Case Study of Preksadhyana and the Terapanth
Supervisors: Christoph Emmrich and Stephen Scharper
Sarah Rollens (August 2013)
Framing Social Criticism in the Jesus Movement: The Ideological Project in the Sayings Gospel Q
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Associate Professor,
Religious Studies, Rhodes College
Alexander Green (July 2013)
Luck, Beneficence and Conflict in the Ethics of Levi Gersonides
Supervisor: David Novak
Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Jewish Thought, University of Buffalo  
Paul Nahme (June 2013)
From Critical to Prophetic Idealism: Ethics, Law and Religion in the Philosophy of Hermann Cohen
Supervisor: David Novak
Assistant Professor, Religious Studies and Judaic Studies, Brown University  
John Lorenc (April 2013)
Medieval Christianity
John of Freiberg and the Usury Prohibition in the Late Middle Ages: A Study in the Popularization of Medieval Canon Law
Supervisor: Joseph Goering
Director of Sales Operations,
Jenn Cianca (January 2013)
Sacred Ritual, Profane Space: The Roman House as Early Christian Meeting Place
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies, Bishop's University  
Rebekka King (September 2012)
The New Heretics: Popular Theology, Popular Christianity, and Protestant Language Ideologies
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen
Associate Professor of Religion, Department of Philosophy, Middle Tennessee State University  
Edith Szanto (September 2012)
Following Sayyida Zaynab: Twelver Shi’ism in Contemporary Syria
Supervisor: Amira Mittermaier
Assistant Professor in Religious Studies at the University of Alabama  
Nicholas Dion (September 2012)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought
Spacing Freud: Space in the Psychoanalytic Critique of Religion
Supervisors: James DiCenso and Marsha Hewitt
Chief of Staff, Office of the President, Brock University  
Ben Wood (August 2012)
Buddhist Studies
The Jeweled Fish Hook: Ecclesiastical Exemplarity in the Shalu Abbatial History
Supervisor: Frances Garrett
Instructor, Langara College, Vancouver BC  
Barbara Greenberg (June 2012)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought
Kleinian Reparation: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Residential School Apology in Canada
Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt
Research Assistant, University of Ottawa, for the Ontario Looking After Children Project   
Eva Mroczek (May 2012)
Psalms Unbound: Ancient Concepts of Textual Tradition in 11QPsalms and Related Texts
Supervisor: Hindy Najman
Associate Professor, Religious Studies, University of California-Davis  
Jason McKinney (December 2011)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought
On the Metapolitics of Decay: Walter Benjamin’s Will to Happiness
Supervisor: James DiCenso

Adjunct Professor, Toronto School of Theology

Priest-Missioner to Parkdale, Anglican Diocese of Toronto

Christina Reimer (October 2011)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought
A Fountain Sealed: Virginity and the American Evangelical Family
Supervisor: James DiCenso
ACHIEVE Leadership Trainer  
Kathleen Gibbons (September 2011)
Religions of Mediterranean Antiquity
Vice and Self-Examination in the Christian Desert
Supervisor: Robert Sinkewicz
Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies and Classics at Washington University in St. Louis  
Keir Hammer (August 2011)
Early Christianity
Disambiguating Rebirth: A Socio-rhetorical Exploration of Rebirth Language in 1 Peter
Supervisor: Peter Richardson
Director, White Cross Canada, Taylor Seminary and College  
Fei Lan (April 2011)
Religion, Ethics, and Modern Thought
Desire Viewed Through Ethical Optics: A Comparative Study of Dai Zehn and Levinas
Supervisor: Vincent Tsing-song Shen
Associate Professor of Religion,
Department of Philosophy and
Religion, University of Mississippi
Mona Tokarek LaFosse (November 2010)
Early Christianity
Age Matters: Age, Aging and Intergenerational Relationships in Early Christian Communities, with a Focus on 1 Timothy 5
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Assistant Professor, Martin Luther University College  
Alexander Damm (March 2010)
Ancient Rhetoric and the Synoptic Problem
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Assistant Professor, Martin Luther University College Instructor, Wilfrid Laurier University
Karen Cheatham (February 2010)
Medieval Christian History
They Hasten toward Perfection: Virginal & Chaste Monks in the High Middle Ages
Supervisor: Isabelle Cochelin
Owner / Technical Writer and Marketing Writer, Nimble Ink in Bend, Oregon  
Maithili Thayanithy (March 2010)
South Asian Studies
The Concept of Living Liberation in the Tirumantiram
Supervisor: Chelva Kanaganayakam
Arlene Macdonald (June 2009)
Lived Religion and the Body in North America
Resurrected Bodies: Individual Experiences and Collective Expressions of Organ Transplant in North America
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen
Assistant Professor, Institute of Medical Humanities, University of Texas - Medical Branch  
Lincoln Blumell (June 2009)
Early Christianity
Lettered Christians: Christians, Letters, & Late Antique Oxyrhynchus
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Associate Professor,
Department of Ancient Scripture, Brigham Young University
Atif Khalil (May 2009)
Sufi Approaches to Tawba (‘Repentance’): From the Qur’an to Abu Talib al­Makki
Supervisor: Todd Lawson
Faculty, Department of Religious Studies,
University of Lethbridge
Santiago Slabodsky (April 2009)
Jewish Studies
Emmanuel Levinas’ Barbarisms: Adventures of Talmudic Readings Traveling South
Supervisor: Robert Gibbs
Associate Professor of Religion, Hofstra University  
Janna Rosales (April 2009)
Religion, Ethics, and Critiques of Technology
When the ‘Twilight of Justice’ Meets the Dawn of Nanotechnology: A Critique of Transhumanism and the Technological Imperative in the Light of George Grant’s Moral Philosophy
Supervisor: Larry Schmidt
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland  
Jonathan Crane (April 2009)
Jewish Studies
Rhetoric of Modern Jewish Ethics
Supervisors: Robert Gibbs and David Novak
Raymond F. Schinzai Junior Scholar in Bioethics and Jewish Thought, Center for Ethics, Emory University  
Geraldine Fogarty (February 2009)
Psychology of Religion
Madness and Transformation in Early Irish Literature: A Psychoanalytic Perspective
Supervisors: Ann Dooley and James DiCenso
Professor of Religion, Emory College of Arts and Sciences ; Raymond F. Schinzai Scholar in Bioethics and Jewish Thought, Center for Ethics, Emory University Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst
Kerry Fast (November 2008)
North American Religion
“But what a strange commixture am I”: Borders of Self and Religion in the Making of Women’s Lives
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen
Co-chair of Editors Toronto;
professional editor, writer,
Ken Derry (November 2008)
Religion and Literature
Uncomfortable Mirrors: Religion and Mimetic Violence in Contemporary Canadian Native Literature
Supervisor: Chelva Kanaganayakam
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Historical Studies, University of Toronto - Mississauga  
Matthew LaGrone (July 2008)
Modern Judaism and Christianity
Between Fire and Ice: Studies in Jewish and Christian Centrism
Supervisor: David Novak
Assistant Program Head, Electives, University of Guelph-Humber  
Siphiwe Dube (June 2008)
Religion and Literature
TRC of South Africa: A Dialectical Critique of its Core Concepts
Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt
Lecturer and Head of Political Studies Department, University of the Witwatersrand,
Johannesburg, South Africa
Associate Professor, Religion, Carleton University
Aisha Geissinger (May 2008)
Islamic Studies
Gendering the Classical Tradition of Quran Exegesis
Supervisor: Sebastain Guenther
Associate Professor,
Religion, Carleton University
Andre Maintenay (May 2008)
Religion, Ethics and Environment
Green Ethics and Green “Faith”: An Exploration of Environmental Ethics and Spirituality in a Technological Age
Supervisors: Larry Schmidt and Stephen Scharper
Professor, Liberal Studies,
Humber College, Toronto
Laurel Zwissler (May 2008)
North American Religion
Demonstrations of Faith: Religious and Political Identity among Feminist Political Activists in North America
Supervisor: Pamela Klassen
Associate Professor of Religion,
Central Michigan University
Michael Ostling (January 2008)
Early Modern Religion
Imagining Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland
(Governor General’s Gold Medal)
Supervisor: Jonathan Pearl
Honorary Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, the University of Queensland, Australia  
Sarah King (November 2007)
Religion and the Environment
Contested Place: Religion and Values in the Dispute, Burnt Church/Esgenoôpetitj, New Brunswick
Supervisor: Ingrid Stefanovic

Associate Professor, Liberal Studies Department, Grand Valley State University

Jeffrey Sims (June 2007)
Philosophy of Religion
Hermeneutics and the Reconstitution of Universal Memory
Supervisor: Graeme Nicholson
Instructor, Vanier College  
Elaine Myers (April 2007)
Religion and Archaeology
The Ituraeans: Challenging Misconceptions and Evaluating the Primary Sources
Supervisor: Peter Richardson
Passed away  
David Lawrence Penner (March 2007)
Religion, Ethics and Modern Thought
Christian Existence and Failure
Supervisor: Graeme Nicholson
Contract and Sessional Faculty
Department of Religious Studies
Ruth Mas (September 2006)
Islamic Religious Thought (Modern)
Margins of Tawhid: Liberalism and the Discourse of Plurality in Contemporary Islam
Supervisors: Charles Hirschkind and James DiCenso
Associate Member, Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS), SOAS University of London  
Henry Shiu (December 2005)
The Nonduality of Nonconceptual Wisdom and Conceptual Cognition: A study of the Tathagatagarbha Teaching in the Anunatvapurnatvanirdesa-parivarta
Supervisor: Leonard Priestley
Shi Wu De Professor in Chinese Buddhist Studies at Emmanuel College, Toronto School of Theology  
William Wahl (December 2005)
Philosophy of Religion
Suffering Truth: Interpretation, Religion and Science in Nietzsche and Freud
Supervisor: James DiCenso
David Buyze (May 2005)
Religion and Culture, Postcolonial Comparative Literatures
The Aftertastes of Colonialism: Latin Americanism and Cultural Meaning
Supervisor: Rosa Sarabia
Lecturer, John Hopkins University; Associate Graduate Faculty, Texas Christian University

Adjunct Faculty, University of Denver

Adjunct Faculty, Manhattan College

Aubrey Glazer (April 2005)
Jewish Thought/Hebrew Hermeneutics
Afterwords on (Re)birthing Redemption in Hebrew Hermeneutics
Supervisor: Harry Fox
Director of Panui; Senior Rabbi, Congregation Shaare Zion, Montreal  
Tanja Juric (November 2004)
Philosophy of Religion
The Ethics of Ethical Subjectivity: Ethics and Aesthetics in the work of Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche and Theodor Adorno
Supervisors: Graeme Nicholson and Amy Mullin-Cuthbert
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Science, York University  
Kenneth MacKendrick (October 2004)
Philosophy of Religion
Discourse, Desire and Fantasy: A Psychoanalytic and Philosophical Study of the Foundation of Jurgen Habermas’s Critical Social Theory
Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt
Associate Professor, Department of Religion, University of Manitoba  
Zhonghu Yan (July 2004)
Philosophy of Religion
Self-Cultivation, Society and Metaphysics: an Existential Reading of the Analects
Supervisor: Vincent Shen
Professor, School of Foreign Languages, Hangzhou Normal University Sessional Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto 
David Perley (June 2004)
Philosophy of Religion
Articulation and Mysticism in the Thought of William James (1842 – 1910)
Supervisor: Graeme Nicholson
Sessional Lecturer, Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto  
Mark Chapman (May 2004)
Modern Canadian Religion & Society
No Longer Crying in the Wilderness: Canadian Evangelical Organizations and their Networks
Supervisor: John Simpson
Associate Professor, Director of DMin Program, Tyndale Seminary  
Christopher Helland (April 2004)
Sociology of Religion
Religion on the Internet: A Sociological Inquiry into Participation and Community Online
Supervisor: John Simpson
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Dalhousie University  
Russell Martin (April 2004)
Early Christianity
Towards an Understanding of Local Autonomy in Judaea between 6 and 66 CE
Supervisor: Peter Richardson
Happily retired  
Albert Wuaku (January 2004)
South Asian Religions & Africa
Tapping into Hindu Powers: The Local Factor in Shiva and Krishna Worship in Ghana
Supervisor: Martin Klein
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, Department of Religious Studies, Florida International University  
Mark Leuchter (May 2003)
Religion in Ancient Israel
Jeremiah, the First Jew
Supervisor: Brian Peckham
Professor, Director of Jewish Studies, Department of Religion, Temple University  
Elizabeth Davies-Stofka (April 2003)
Religion and Ethics
Toward a jus in bello of Guerilla Warfare: A Case Study in Comparative Ethics
Supervisor: Roger Hutchinson
Program Chair, Liberal Studies and College Prep, Colorado Community Colleges Online  
Peter Gilbert (March 2003)
Modern Christian-Jewish Relations
The Analysis of Antisemitism in the Theological, Historical and Sociological Criticism of James Parkes
Supervisor: Alan Davies
Adam Lehto (December 2002)
Early Eastern Christianity
Divine Law, Asceticism and Gender in Aphrahat’s Demonstrations, with a Complete Annotated Translation of the Text and Comprehensive Syriac Glossary
Supervisor: Harry Fox
Sessional Instructor, Department of Historical Studies, University of Toronto Mississauga  
Gillian McCann (December 2002)
South Asian Religions
A New Dharma for the Nation: The Toronto Theosophical Society and Albert Smythe 1891-1945
Supervisor: Naranda Wagle
Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts & science, Nipissing University  
John David Scully (September 2002)
Sociology of Religion
Consent and Dissent on Evangelical Talk Radio
Supervisor: John Simpson
Professor, Algonquin College (Ottawa)  
Eleanor Pontoriero (February 2002)
Psychology and Philosophy of Religion
On “Loving the Neighbour”: The Implications of Emmanuel Levinas’ Intensification of Ethics after the Shoah
Supervisors: James DiCenso and Robert Gibbs
Sessional Lecturer, Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto  
Anthony Chartrande-Burke (September 2001)
Early Christianity
The Infancy Gospel of Thomas: The Text, Its Origins, and Its Transmission
Supervisors: Robert Sinkewicz and Leif Vaage
Associate Professor, Department of the Humanities, York University  
Paulino Belamide (August 2001)
Chinese Religions
Self-Cultivation in Quanzhen Taoism with Special Reference to the Legacy of Qiu Chuji
Supervisor: Julia Ching
Priest, San Sebastian Parish, Phillipines  
Amir Hussain (June 2001)
Modern Islamic Religion
The Canadian Face of Islam: Muslim Communities in Toronto
Supervisor: Willard Oxtoby
Professor, Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University  
Dana Sawchuk (April 2001)
Sociology of Religion, Christianity in Latin America
The Costa Rican Catholic Church, Social Justice, and the Rights of Workers, 1979-1996
Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University  
Catherine Ludvik (January 2001)
South and East Asian Religions
From Sarasvati to Benzaiten
(Governor General’s Gold Medal)
Supervisor: David Waterhouse
Professor, Stanford University  
Catherine Caufield (March 2000)
Religion, Hermeneutics, and Literature
Hermeneutics of Written Text: Religious Discourse in Mexican Literature
Supervisor: Mario Valdes
Sessional Instructor, Department of Literature and Language, Concordia University of Edmonton  
Keith Haartman (December 1999)
Psychoanalysis and Religion
Watching and Praying: A Psychoanalytic View of Personality Change, 18th Century British Methodists
Supervisor: Morris Eagle
Tim Hegedus (December 1999)
Early Christianity
Graeco-Roman Religions Attitudes to Astrology in Early Christianity: A Study Based on Selected Sources
Supervisor: Roger Beck
Professor, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, Wilfrid Laurier University  
Michele Murray (December 1999)
Early Christianity and Judaism
“Playing a Jewish Game:” Gentile Christian Judaizing in the First and Second Centuries CE
Supervisor: Peter Richardson
Professor, Dean of Arts and Science, Bishop's University  
Tak-Ling Terry Woo (December 1999)
Women in Chinese Religions
The Religious Values, Beliefs and Practices affecting the Lives of Women during the Reign of T’ang Ming-Huang
Supervisor: Richard Guisso
Faculty, York University  
Phil Harland (July 1999)
Early Christianity
Claiming a Place in Polis and Empire: The Significance of Imperial Cults and Connections among Associations, Synagogues, and Christian Groups in Roman Asia
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Professor, Department of the Humanities, York University  
James Diamond (June 1999)
Medieval Jewish Philosophy
Prooftext and Pretext: The Strategem of Biblical and Midrashic Citations in Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed
Supervisor: David Novak
Professor, Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Chair of Jewish Studies, University of Waterloo  
Husein Khimjee (April 1999)
Islamic Religion
The Legacy of the Early Twentieth-Century Khilafat Movement in India
Supervisor: Willard Oxtoby
Instructor, Laurier University  
Bruce Power (April 1999)
Ancient West Asian Religions
Ancient Israel Iconographic Windows to Ezekiel’s World
Supervisor: Brian Peckham
Adjunct Faculty Member, Tyndale University College Adjunct Professor,
Booth University College
Scott Brown (February 1999)
Early Christianity
The More Spiritual Gospel: Markan Literary Techniques in the Longer Gospel of Mark
Supervisor: Leif E. Vaage
Independent Scholar  
Helen-May Eaton (August 1998)
Religion and Women
Latin American Christianity Speaking of Liberation: The Emancipatory Limits of Gustavo Gutierrez’s Liberation Theology for Latin American Women
Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt
Darlene Juschka (June 1998)
Phenomenology of Religion, Religion and Feminism
Feminist Encounters with Symbol, Myth, and Ritual: Mary Daly, Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, and Rosemary Radford Reuther
Supervisor: Roger Hutchinson
Associate Professor, Coordinator, and Department Head, Women's and Gender Studies, University of Regina; Associate Professor, Religious Studies, University of Regina  
Becky R. Lee (June 1998)
Late Medieval European Popular Religion
“Women ben purifyid of her childeryn”: The Purification of Women After Childbirth in Medieval England
(Nominated, Governor General’s Gold Medal)
Supervisor: Joseph Goering
Professor Emerita, York University  
Ronald Polster (June 1998)
Philosophy of Religion
Evil and the Biblical Discourse of Lament
Supervisor: Paul Gooch
Executive Director, Holy Blossom Temple  
Thomas Vettickal (January 1998)
South Asian Religions
Sarvodaya of Mahatma Gandhi: Realistic Utopia
Supervisor: Joseph O’Connell
William Arnal (October 1997)
Early Christianity
The Rhetoric of Deracination in Q: A Reassessment
(Governor General’s Gold Medal)
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Professor and Department Head, Religious Studies, University of Regina  
Bernadette McNary-Zak (September 1997)
Christianity in Late Antiquity
Ascetic Piety in Fourth Century Egypt: A Study of the Ascetical Letters of Bishops
Supervisor: Timothy Barnes
Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Rhodes College  
Bruce MacKay (February 1997)
Religion of Ancient Israel
Ethnicity and Israelite Religion: The Anthropology of Social Boundaries in Judges
Supervisors: Ernest Clarke and Shuichi Nagata
Faculty, School of Liberal Education, University of Lethbridge  
William Smyth (January 1997)
Religion and Literature
Rudy Wiebe as Novelist: Witness and Critic, Without Apology
Supervisor: Charles Lock
Cheryl Nafziger-Leis (December 1996)
Religion and Aesthetics
Art … Even After Auschwitz: Adorno’s Critical Theory of Art, Religion and Ideology
Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt
Retired, Writer  
Herbert Berg (October 1996)
Islamic Religion
The Use of Ibn ‘Abbas in Al-Tabari’s Tafsir and the Development of Exegesis in Early Islam
Supervisor: Jane McAuliffe
Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, University of North Carolina-Wilmington  
Christopher Buck (June 1996)
Comparative Religion
Paradise and Paradigm: Key Symbols in ‘Persian’ Christianity and the Baha’i Faith
Supervisor: Willard Oxtoby
Attorney & Independent Scholar  
Alan Kirk (June 1996)
Early Christianity
The Structure of Q: Genre, Synchrony, and Sapiental Composition in the Synoptic Sayings Source
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Professor of Religious Studies, Department of Philosophy and Religion, James Madison University  
Young-Sik Yoo (February 1996)
Christianity in East Asia
The Impact of Canadian Missionaries in Korea: A Historical Survey of Early Canadian Mission Work, 1999-1898
Supervisor: Richard Guisso
Alexander Marusich (January 1996)
Sociology of Religion
Religious Conversion: A Biogenetic Structuralist Model
Supervisor: Michael Hammond
Simon Young-Suk Moon (January 1996)
Comparative Study of Religion
A Case Study in Comparative Monasticism: Songgwang-Sa Son/Zen Buddhist Monastery, Korea and the Abbey of the Genesee, Cistercian Monastery, USA
Supervisor: Peter Slater
Professor Emeritus, Kangnam University  
Philip Smith-Eivemark (January 1996)
Philosophy of Religion and Mysticism
Beyond Language: Mystics and the Language Trap
Supervisor: David Turner
English Language Instructor, Copyeditor  
Renia Tyminski (December 1995)
Religion and Feminist Theory
Divinity, Transcendence and Female Subjectivity in the Works of Mary Daly
Supervisor: Marsha Hewitt
Language Training Director,
Hallowell Gardens
Jill J. Anderson (May 1995)
Celtic Religion
A History of Women in the Early Irish Church: The Hagiographical Evidence
Supervisor: Harry Roe
Russell McCutcheon (January 1995)
Method and Theory of Religion
Manufacturing Religion: The Discourse on Sui Generis Religion and the Politics of Nostalgia
Supervisor: Neil McMullin
Professor and Department Chair, Department of Religious Studies, University of Alabama  
A. Ellen Goldberg (December 1994)
South Asian Religions
Ardhanarisvara: An Indian and Feminist Perspective
Supervisor: Narendra Wagle
Faculty, Queen's University  
Debra J. Jensen (December 1994)
Religion and Social Ethics
Mysticism and Social Ethics: Feminist Reflections on Their Relationship in the Works of Evelyn Underhill, Simone Weil and Meister Eckhart
Supervisor: Donald D. Evans
Jinfen Yan (December 1994)
Chinese Religions
Utilitarianism in Chinese Thought
Supervisor: Julia Ching
Barbara J. Whitmer (October 1994)
Religion and Ethics
Beyond the Violence Mythos to the Interactive Organism: Remythologizing Violence, the Body, Trust, and Technology in Western Culture
Supervisor: Roger Hutchinson
Information Technology Field  
Ann Baranowski (June 1994)
Religion and Cognition
Ritual Alone: Cognition and Meaning of Patterns in Time
Supervisor: Donald Wiebe
Instructor, Laurier University;
Ronald Wallace (June 1994)
Modern Western Christianity
Inter-Faith Dialogue as a Method for the Scientific Study of Religion
Supervisor: Willard Oxtoby
Daniel McBride (April 1994)
Ancient Egyptian Religions
The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic Thought
Supervisor: D. B. Redford
Stephanie K. Walker (May 1993)
Religion and Literature
This Woman in Particular: Contexts for the Biographical Image of Emily Carr
Supervisor: Johan Aitken
Willi Braun (January 1993)
Early Christianity
The Use of Mediterranean Banquet Traditions In Luke 14:1-24
Supervisor: John Kloppenborg
Professor of Religious Studies, Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta  
Wayne H. Harter (January 1993)
Philosophy of Religion
Thomistic Ontology as Critical Enquiry into Religion
Supervisor: Neil McMullin
Faculty, St. Mary's College of California  
Reena L. Zeidman (June 1992)
Early Judaism
A View of Celebrations in Early Judaism: Tosefta Avodah Zarah [Idolatry]
Supervisor: Harry Fox
Arthur McCalla (April 1992)
Modern Western Christianity
Expiation and Progress: Religion and Society in the Thought of Pierre-Simon Ballanche(Nominated, Governor General’s Gold Medal)
Supervisor: C. Thomas McIntire
Faculty, Mount St. Vincent University  
Pashaura Singh (September 1991)
South Asian Religions
The Text and Meaning of the Adi Granth
Supervisor: W. H. McLeod
Professor and Department Chair, University of California - Riverside  
Barry W. Henaut (March 1991)
Early Christianity
Oral Tradition Behind the Written Gospel Texts? Mark 4: 1-34 and the Problem of Orality
Supervisor: H. O. Guenther
Roman Garrison (December 1990)
Early Christianity
Redemptive Almsgiving in Early Christianity
Supervisor: Peter Richardson
Ordained in the PCUSA and has served many churches as Minister; Taught religion courses at Westminister College, Buena Vista University and Thiel College  
Edward Yong-Joong Chung (November 1990)
East Asian Religions
Neo-Confucian Understanding of Human Nature and Emotions: A Study of the Four-Seven Thesis in Two Korean Thinkers: Yi T’oegye and Yi Yulgok
Supervisor: Julia Ching
Professor of Religious Studies and Asian Studies Director, University of Prince Edward Island  
Daniel H. Williams (November 1990)
Early Christianity
Nicene Christianity and its Opponents in Northern Italy: An Examination of Late 4th Century Anti-Arian Polemics and Politics with Particular Emphasis on the Early Career of Ambrose of Milan
Supervisors: Timothy Barnes and Joanne McWilliam
Professor, Baylor University  
Joseph P. L’Abbé (October 1990)
Modern Western Christianity
Catholic Critics on Religious Art in France 1870-1920
Supervisor: Giorgio Scavizzi
Lee D. Rainey (October 1990)
Chinese Religions
Life After Death: Some Early Confucian Views
Supervisor: Julia Ching
Passed Away Associate Professor, Memorial University
Kelley M. Spoerl (September 1990)
Early Christianity
A Study of the Kata Meros Pistis by Apollinarius of Laodicea
Supervisor: Robert Sinkewicz
Professor, Saint Anselm College  
Michael Farris (May 1990)
Early Christianity
The Formative Interpretations of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel
Supervisor: Stanley D. Walters
Michael F. Stoeber (June 1990)
Philosophy of Religion
Evil and the Mystics’ God: Towards a Mystical Theodicy
Supervisor: Donald D. Evans
Professor of Theology & Director of Advanced Degrees, Regis College  
John B. Roney (September 1989)
Modern Western Christianity
Jean Henri Merle D’Aubigné: Historian of Christianity in an Age of Revolution
Supervisor: C. Thomas McIntire
Professor, Sacred Heart University  
Douglas A. Campbell (November 1989)
Early Christianity
The Rhetoric of Righteousness: An Analysis of Rom. 3:21-26 in Context
Supervisor: Richard N. Longenecker
Professor of New Testamnents, Duke Divinity School  
John Valk (October 1989)
Modern Western Christianity
Religion and the Schools: The Struggle for Protestant Christian Education in Utrecht in the Nineteenth Century
Supervisor: C. Thomas McIntire
Professor, University of New Brunswick  
James McLachlan (January 1989)
Philosophy of Religion
Existentialist Interpretations of the Desire to be God: Radical Freedom in Sartre and Berdyaev
Supervisor: Donald D. Evans
Professor, Western Carolina University  
Michael Cuneo (June 1988)
Modern Western Christianity
Catholics Against the Church: Anti-Abortion Protest in Toronto, 1969-1985
Supervisor: Roger O’Toole
Author; Professor (Retired), Sociology and Anthropology, Fordham University  
Peter D. Gooch (June 1988)
Early Christianity
Food and the Limits of Community: 1 Corinthians 8:1 to 11:1
Supervisor: Peter Richardson
Senior Director of Policy and Analysis, Council of Ontario Universities  
Randi R. Warne (April 1988)
Religion and Culture
Literature as Pulpit: Narrative as a Vehicle for the Transmission and Transformation of Values in the Christian Social Activism of Nellie McClung
Supervisor: Roger Hutchinson
Professor, Religious Studies; Coordinator, Cultural Studies Program & Women and Gender Studies Program, Mount Saint Vincent University  
Antonio Perez-Romero (February 1988)
Early Modern Western Christianity
Juan De Valdes and Sixteenth-Century Spanish Religious Thought as Expressed in the Religious Literature in Castilian
Supervisor: J. I. Chicoy-Daban
Associate Professor, Spanish,
John Carroll University
Michel Desjardins (June 1987)
Christianity in Late Antiquity
Sin in Valentinianism
Supervisor: Heinze Guenther
Retired; formerly Associate Dean, Research and Curriculum, Faculty of Arts, Wilfrid Laurier University; and Professor, Department of Religion and Culture, Wilfrid Laurier University  
P. Lyndon Reynolds (November 1986)
Medieval Western Christianity
God, Cosmos and Microcosm: Comparisons Between the Relation of God to the Cosmos and the Relation of the Soul to Man, From Greek Philosophy to the Thirteenth Century
Supervisor: Walter Principe
Professor, Emory University  
Alan Kam-Leung Chan (December 1985)
Chinese Religions
Two Visions of the Way: A Study of Wang Pi’s and Ho-Shang Kung’s Commentaries on the Lao-Tzu
Supervisor: Julia Ching
Researcher & University Administrator, University of Winnipeg  
Ronald G. Sawatsky (December 1985)
Modern Western Christianity
“Looking For That Blessed Hope”: The Roots of Fundamentalism in Canada, 1878-1914
Supervisor: John S. Moir
Passed Away  
Steven M. Wasserstrom (October 1985)
Islamic Religion
Species of Misbelief: A History of Muslim Heresiography of the Jews
Supervisor: G. M. Wickens
Moe and Izetta Tonkon Professor of Judaic Studies and Humanities, Department of Religion, Reed College  
Jane D. McAuliffe (October 1984)
Islamic Religion
Perceptions of the Christians in Qur’anic Tafsir
Supervisor: G. M. Wickens
Senior Research Fellow,
Georgetown University
Marilyn F. Nefsky (September 1984)
Japanese Religions
Women and the Religious Character of Contemporary Japan
Supervisor: Cyril Powles
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Religion. University of Lethbridge  
Donald Merriell (January 1984)
Medieval Western Christianity
The Image of the Trinity in Man According to St.Thomas Aquinas
Supervisor: Walter Principe
Herbert Basser (June 1983)
Early Judaism
Sifre Ha’azinu: Rabbinic Interpretations of the Song of Moses
Supervisor: L. H. Silberman
Professor Emeritus, Queen's University  
James K. Hoffmeier (October 1982)
Ancient Egyptian Religions
‘Sacred’ in the Vocabulary of Ancient Egypt: The Term DSR, with Special Reference to Dynasties I-XX
Supervisor: R. J. Williams
Professor, Old Testament & Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School