Practices of Commentary Reading Group 2023-24

The Practices of Commentary reading group brings humanities researchers of different backgrounds together to discuss matters of common interest. The group meets once a month in a hybrid mode (i.e., both in person and online).

Every session is led by a graduate-student researcher who introduces in 5 to 10 minutes an article, a book chapter (or chapters), or a book on a selected theme. A discussion then follows, open to all participants. Every session is one hour long. If you have any questions or would like to propose a reading, researchers from all universities are warmly invited to contact the group coordinator, Oliver Salem (, who will be happy to help out and/or provide information.

The reading group's current focus is Orality and Written Textuality, as well as the interactions between both.

For registration to attend in person or online, please email

Schedule: 1:00-2::15 pm on the following dates