Jackman Annual Lecture: Naomi Seidman, "Sexual Violence, Ultra-Orthodox Memory, Performance"

When and Where

Wednesday, October 04, 2023 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
In person
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
120 St George Street, Toronto ON M5S 1A5


Naomi Seidman


Remembering the 93: Sexual Violence, Ultra-Orthodox Memory, Performance

Free and open to the public, the Annual Jackman Lecture in the Humanities was inaugurated in 2022-23 on the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of the Jackman Humanities Institute as a way to express lasting gratitude for the support of the Honourable Henry N.R. Jackman for research in the humanities. This annual lecture features a leading humanist at the University of Toronto.

"Remembering the 93: Sexual Violence, Ultra-Orthodox Memory, Performance" will explore the story—fictional, as it turns out—of ninety-three Jewish girls that committed suicide rather than be taken as prostitutes by the Nazis, which is a staple of Bais Yaakov holocaust memory and performance culture. It follows on Professor Naomi Seidman's research into the girls’ school Bais Yaakov in Israel, which developed a lively and enduring culture of performance during the second half of the twentieth century. Seidman was a JHI 6-Month Faculty Research Fellow in 2022-23.

Naomi Seidman is a Chancellor Jackman Professor of the Arts at the University of Toronto, in the Department for the Study of Religion and the Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies, and a 2016 Guggenheim Fellow. Her fourth book, Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov Movement: A Revolution in the Name of Tradition, won a National Jewish Book Award in Women's Studies in 2019. Her fifth, In the Freud Closet: Psychoanalysis and Jewish Languages, is forthcoming from Stanford University Press. Her podcast on leaving the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world, Heretic in the House, was released by the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America in 2022. → See "Naomi Seidman on Performing Orthodox Jewish Girlhood" for more on the Bais Yaakov project

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120 St George Street, Toronto ON M5S 1A5