The DSR's Fall 2022 Graduates


Celebrating the newest DSR graduates – congratulations to our graduating class of fall 2022!


PhD and MA


  • Brigidda Bell – “Signs of the Spirit(s): Credibility and the Discernment of Truth in Christian Prophets and other Ritual Experts of the Roman Empire (Co-Supervisors: John Kloppenborg and Colleen Shantz, Committee Member: John Marshall)
  • Kalpesh Bhatt – “The Internal Turn: Rethinking Autonomy through the Swaminarayan Hindu Tradition” (Supervisor: Srilata Raman, Committee Members: Simon Coleman, Ajay Rao, Francis Clooney)
  • Judith Brunton — "Pandemonium of Hope: Oil, Aspiration, and the Good Life in Alberta" (Supervisor: Pamela Klassen, Committee Members: Kevin O’Neill, Simon Coleman, J. Barton Scott)
  • Amin Mansouri – “Azīz-i Nasafī (fl. 7th/13th c.), Hierarchies, and Islamic Cosmopolitanism” (Supervisor: Shafique Virani, Committee Members: Walid Saleh, Maria Subtelny)
  • Ariel Peckel – “Irreligious Naturalism in Hume, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein” (Supervisor: James DiCenso, Committee Members: Sol Goldberg, Robert Gibbs)
  • Suzanne van Geuns – “Seductive Methods: Sexual Success in the Computational Imagination” (Supervisor: Pamela Klassen, Committee Members: Simon Coleman, J. Barton Scott)


  • Amy Jemmett – “‘Can You Find Me?’: Childhood in Scientology” (Supervisor: Naomi Seidman)
  • Annas Rolli Muchlisin – “Tafsir as a Battlefield of Ideas? The Interpretations of Q.5:51 as a Case Study” (Supervisor: Walid Saleh)
  • Jinesh Patel – “Liberating The Puṣṭimārga from The Rigid Colonial Framework of Sexual-Immorality Through Rethinking The Mahārāja Libel Case of 1862” (Supervisor: Srilata Raman)

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Major in Religion
    • Emily Amos-Wood
  • Minor in Religion
    • Bibi Ashfaq
    • Maya Pettersen

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