DSR Colloquia 2021-22

All colloquia take place 1:00-3:00 pm on Zoom.


Thursday February 3 → More details

First Presenter: Suzanne van Geuns
Title: "How to Get the Women You Desire": Seduction Forums and Ascent of Method
Respondent: Patrick Keilty

Second Presenter: Rachelle Saruya
Title: Towards Autonomous Beings and Docile Bodies: Myanmar Buddhist Nuns’ Educational Practices and Rituals of Training
Respondent: Naomi Seidman 

Thursday February 10 → More details

First Presenter: David Belfon (post doc) 
Title: Embedded Eating: Dietary Vestiges among Orthodox leavetakers in Toronto

Second Presenter: Sean Capener (post doc)
Title: Time and the Middle Passage: Race, Religion, and the Making of Modernity's 'Second Moment' in Kant and Hegel

Thursday March 3 → More details

First Presenter: tbc 
Title: tbc
Respondent: tbc

Second Presenter: Amber Moore
Title: The Newar Buddhist Ma?isailamahavadana: Towards cross-cultural methodologies in textual scholarship
Respondent: Libbie Mills

Thursday March 10 → More details 

First Presenter: Sophia Kremser (visiting graduate student) 
Title: The Nigerian Pentecostal Global 

Second Presenter: Ari Schriber (post doc)
Title: On the Eve of Codification: Reconstructing the Islamic Legal Tradition in Colonial-Era Morocco (1912-1956)

Thursday March 17 → More details 

First Presenter: Seyfeddin Kara (post doc) 
Title: Textual Integrity of the Qur'an

Second Presenter: Maxwell Kennel (post doc)
Title: Conspiracism and Critique: A Critical Theory and Political Theology of Conspiratorial Thinking

Thursday April 7 → More details

First Presenter: Roxanne Korpan 
Title: tbc
Respondent: Alan Corbiere

Second Presenter: Annie Heckman
Title: Narratives about Nuns, by the Numbers: Bu ston Rin chen grub’s canonical accounting in the ’Dul ba dge slong ma’i gleng ’bum
Respondent: Rory Lindsay

Thursday May 5 → More details

First Presenter: James Shire 
Title: A house divided against itself shall not stand: Syrian Orthodox Monastic and Episcopal Conflicts in the Early Abbasid Period
Respondent: Suleyman Dost

Second Presenter: Allison Murphy
Title: Kant and Pluralism
Respondent: Michael Rosenthal