Cross-Checked Courses

Cross-Listed Undergrad For an RLG specialist program, up to two full course equivalents from the following may be counted. For an RLG major program, up to one may be counted.  


• ANT356H Anthropology of Religion  

• ANT426H Western Views of the Non-West  

• ANTC31H Ritual and Religious Action (UTSC)  

• ANTC33H Of Gods and Humans: Anthropological Approaches to Religion (UTSC)  


• FAH215H Early Medieval Art and Architecture  

• FAH216H Later Medieval Art and Architecture  

• FAH319H Illuminated Manuscripts  

• FAH328H Gothic Cathedral  

• FAH381H Problems in Jewish Art 


Celtic Studies 

• SMC350H Celtic Spirituality  

• SMC250H Celtic Mythology  


Christianity and Culture 

• SMC200H Christianity and the Arts  

• SMC203Y Christianity and SocietyThrough the Ages (formerly Christianity Encounters the Secular World)  

• SMC215H Varieties of Christian Community  

• SMC327H Ritual and Worship  

• SMC305H Christianity and Popular Culture  

• SMC307Y Scripture in Christian Tradition  

• SMC309H Christianity and Politics  

• SMC372H The Catholic Church in Canada  

• SMC371H Faith and Physics  

• SMC456H Indian Christianity  



• CLA204H Introduction to Classical Mythology  

• CLA305H Theories of Myth (Prerequisite: CLA204H)  

• CLAA05H Ancient Mythology I: Mesopotamia and Egypt (UTSC)  

• CLAA06H Ancient Mythology II: Greece and Rome (UTSC)  

• CLAC22H Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (UTSC)  


East Asian Studies 

• EAS338H1 Classical Daoism  

• EAS361H1 Zen Buddhism  



• ENGC16H The Bible and Literature I (UTSC)  

• ENGC17H The Bible and Literature II (UTSC)  


Global Asian Studies 

• GASB30H Asian Religions and Cultures (UTSC)  



• HIS208Y History of the Jewish People  

• HIS220Y The Shape of Medieval Society  

• H1S309H The European Reformations  

• HIS323H Rites of Passage and Daily Life in the Middle Ages  

• HIS338H The Holocaust, to 1942 (formerly HIS338Y/HIS398Y)  

• HIS361H1 The Holocaust, from 1942  

• HIS403Y Jews and Christians in Medieval and Renaissance Europe  

• HIS464H Religion and Violence in Comparative Perspective 

• HISD63H The Crusades: I (UTSC)  

• HISD64H The Crusades: II (UTSC)  


Italian Studies 

• ITA311H Mediaeval Italian Literature in Translation: Dante  

• ITA321Y Dante: Divina Commedia 


Jewish Studies   

• CJS200H Introduction to Jewish Thought  

• CJS290H Topics in Jewish Studies  

• CJS390H Special Topics in Jewish Studies  

• CJS400H Research Seminar in Jewish Studies  

• CJS490/491 Advanced Jewish Studies  


Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations  

• NMC252H Hebrew Bible  

• NMC270H Christians of the Middle East  

• NMC273Y Early Islamic History: The Prophet and the Caliphates  

• NMC284H Topics in Judaism and Feminism: Conflict, Competition, Complement  

• NMC342H History & Sources of Egyptian Monasticism  

• NMC351H Dead Sea Scrolls (formerly NMC250H)  

• NMC 360H/361H Archaeology of the Biblical Period, I 

• NMC 361H/361H Archaeology of the Biblical Period, II  

• NMC367H Archaeology and Architecture of Egyptian Monasticism  

• NMC370H Ancient Israel  

• NMC374H The Mamluks: from Slaves to Sultans  

• NMC376H History of Islamic Spain and North Africa  

• NMC380YH Religion and Myth in the Ancient Near East  

• NMC381H Modern Islamic Thought  

• NMC382Y Mummies, Myth and Magic: The Religion of Ancient Egypt  

• NMC384H Life Cycle and Personal Status in Judaism

• NMC484Y Gender-Related Topics in Law and Religion 

• NML220Y Introductory Aramaic  

• NML250Y Introductory Biblical Hebrew 

• NML320H Aramaic Bible Translations  

• NML350H Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I  

• NML351H Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II  

• NML357H Legends of the Jews (Aggadah)  

• NML358H Middle Hebrew: Mishnah and Tosefta 

• NML420Y The Jerusalem Talmud: Jewish Western Aramaic  

• NML452H Halakhic Midrashim  

• NML459H Readings in Second Temple Period Texts  


New College  

• NEW214H Socially Engaged Buddhism  

• NEW232Y Buddhist Psychology  

• NEW302Y C.G. Jung: Stories, Patterns, Symbols  

• NEW339H Yogacara Buddhism and Western Philosophy  



• PHL235H Philosophy of Religion 

• PHL237H History of Chinese Philosophy  

• PHL307H Augustine  

• PHL308H Aquinas  

• PHL335H Issues in Philosophy of Religion  

• PHL336H Islamic Philosophy  

• PHL338H Jewish Philosophy  

• PHL414H Seminar in Philosophy of Religion  

• PHL478H Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Religion  


Slavic Languages and Literature  

• SLA302H The Imaginary Jew  

• SLA314H Dostoevsky  

• SLA317H Tolstoy  

• SLA400H Studies in Medieval Russian Literature  

• SLA449H Russian Thinkers  



• SOC250Y Sociology of Religion