2023 Fall DSR Newsletter: Books & Articles


Publications from July 2023 onward, including books and articles, as well as podcasts and media coverage of faculty research.



Cover of book, More Light from the Ancient East

John Kloppenborg co-edited (with Peter Arzt-Grabner and Christina M. Kreinecker) the book More Light from the Ancient East: Understanding the New Testament through Papyri. Published by Brill in November 2023, it is is part of the series, ‘Papyri and the New Testament.’ 

Cover of book, Systemic Islamophobia in CanadaDSR affiliate faculty Anver Emon's recent book, Systemic Islamophobia in Canada: A Research Agenda, features 17 short essays by observers from a wide range of disciplines. The contributors include (at least) two DSR PhD alumni, Syed Adnan Hussain (PhD, 2015) and Youcef Soufi (PhD, 2017). You can learn more about the book in this Faculty of Arts & Science news article.

Articles • Reviews • Sound • Vision (alphabetical by author/lead)

PhD candidate Filip Andjelkovic’s article “Haunted Houses, Haunted Minds: Psychical Research, Psychoanalysis, and the Philip Experiment” appeared in Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural, Volume 12, Issue 2, 2023. 

In November Ronald Charles' chapter, “Decolonizing the Bible as Literature,” was published Decolonizing the English Literary Curriculum, edited by Ato Quayson and Ankhi Mukherjee (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023), 315-330. (In related activity, in August he participated in an event on “Decolonizing the Bible” and the video is available to view online. The event was part of the Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice’s Black August Week 2023.) November also saw the publication of Charles' review article, "Coloniality, reframing and diversity in New Testament Apocrypha: More Noncanonical Scriptures," published in Studies in Religion/.Sciences Religieuses 52.4 (2023): 510-513.  

"Pilgrimage in Pre-Islamic Arabia: Continuity and Rupture from Epigraphic Texts to the Qur’an," by Suleyman Dost, appeared in Millennium, vol. 20, no. 1, 2023, pp. 15-32. 

Isaiah Ellis, postdoctoral fellow, published "Infrastructure and American Religions: Sites, Methods, and Theories for a Changing Field," in Religion Compass, 17, no. 8.  .

PhD student Grace Feeney's piece, “Chronic Pain and Gendered Justice,” was published in the late summer on the AIMA blog.

Postdoctoral fellow Michael Ium and PhD alumnus Tony Scott (now postdoctoral fellow in Political Science) have published their first co-edited issue of the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies, Issue No. 18, dedicated to Buddhism in relation to transhumanism and posthumanism.

John Kloppenborg published “Argumentum e Silentio: Four Silences.” Annali di storia dell’esegesi 40, no. 1 (2023): 39–51. 

The October issue of the Journal of Religion and Film’s Toronto International Film Festival section featured (multiple) pieces by J. Barton Scott, Ken Derry, PhD candidate Katie Maguire and alumna (PhD, 2022) Khalidah Ali.

PhD student Ridhima Sharma's article "An otherwise classroom and a diagnosis, or, the preciousness of a pause" appeared in PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review.