Buddhist Studies

The study of Buddhist traditions with the use of historical, text-critical, art historical, philological, anthropological and philosophical methods. The field currently highlights a context-sensitive study of Buddhism, focusing on ritual, philosophy, medicine and other intellectual developments and modes of practice in South Asia, the Himalayas, Central Asia, Tibet, China, Korea and Japan.

Faculty teaching in Buddhist Studies are drawn from the Departments for the Study of Religion, Art, History, Philosophy, Psychology and East Asian Studies. Languages taught at the University to support the study of Buddhism include Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Sanskrit and Tibetan. The University supports a wide range of activities, events and programs focused on Buddhism. For more, see the Buddhist Studies website at http://buddhiststudies.chass.utoronto.ca/ and join us on Facebook.

Buddhist Studies Faculty

Christoph Emmrich, Centre for the Study of Religion

Frances Garrett, Centre for the Study of Religion

Amanda Goodman, Centre for the Study of Religion

Jennifer Purtle, Department of Art

Vincent Shen, Department of East Asian Studies